Monday, July 21

and we are back, live!

Well, I actually scheduled a post to appear while I was away, and it never did post.  So as I just got back mere minutes ago - here it is.   Much more to come soon! 

So while I have summer vacation on the brain, I thought I would share a few more from our vacation to Newport, Rhode Island.   It's one of our favorite places to go.  The mansions, the art, the beaches, and good food make for a great vacation.  The last time we went, we ventured a little out of Newport too.   If you ever have a chance to visit, especially  between spring and fall, don't miss it! 

Thursday, July 17

ok, so I missed monday …

… but at least I made it this week!  How’s your summer going?  So far, so good here.  Busy, as we usually are, but we have had a great time so far.  Dinner with friends, lunches with family, planning a quick getaway …

Which made me think of last year’s terrific summer vacation in Maine.  I may have posted some of these, but there is not much better than Maine in summer.   I’m lucky enough to live very close to the beach.  But it can get pretty hot here in the summer.   So the moderate temperatures of Maine were a very nice break on the hottest days of the year.  I think it was in the high 90’s at home and the mid-70’s up there, with no humidity.  And the clearest air you can imagine.  I always sleep like a baby up in Maine!

Hope you enjoy these shots!


IMG_3239 IMG_3240 IMG_3253 IMG_3304 IMG_3307 IMG_3341 IMG_3342 IMG_3405 IMG_3432 IMG_3439 IMG_3643

Monday, July 7

two mondays in a row …

Not exactly a record, but pretty good for me lately.   I hope you all had a terrific 4th of July.   We were washed out here on the east coast, but we still had a great, relaxing weekend.    So many of the kids’ friends were away, we really got in some good family time.   Throw in dinner with my dad and brother in law, some great outlet shopping, and you have yourself a pretty good time. 
Up top, you have some beautiful light when the rain finally stopped on Saturday, and a peek at the new kitchen.   The counters are white quartz and the backsplash is white subway tile.  Compare that to the light at the same time of day on the brown cabinets two posts ago – it was so dark!   There are still some small details to be completed – trim work, some more electrical work, like under the counter lights, things like that – but I am so happy with how it came out.   I will post more when it is done. 
And I’ll leave you with a photo of how my husband prepared for having family over for dinner.   So patriotic, right?
Have a great week!

Monday, June 30

dipping a toe back in …


Hello, friends.  It’s been a while.  I’ve missed you, and posting too.  But things have been hectic, as life can be, and there hasn’t been too much fun stuff to post.   The kitchen is almost done – somehow, it’s the little details that seem to take the longest.   I am very happy with it so far, though.   I’m going to try to get back in the swing of posting. 

In the meantime, I’m dipping a toe back in, and sharing an old favorite recipe that is just perfect for summer.

Strawberry Summer Salad

All you need is romaine lettuce, red onion, and lots of juicy red strawberries… yum …

I serve this with a poppy seed dressing:


2 tablespoons of white vinegar,

2 teaspoons of poppy seeds,

1/2 cup of mayo,

1/4 cup of milk,

2 tbs sugar (or 1 tbs splenda, if you prefer, adjusted to taste)

For the very best taste, soak the red onion in the dressing for a couple of hours and dress the salad just before serving.

Perfect on it’s own or with grilled or rotisserie chicken for a low/no cook meal that is light and satisfying.  You can throw in some nuts, or even avocado if you want and it is delicious!



Monday, February 24

sneak peek

I hinted about this last year, and it is finally almost done.  The kitchen makeover.   Here is the before:

002 photo_1

Yes, those are four different finishes/colors.  Kind of tragic, no?  I cannot even bear to show you the whole thing.   I was the definitely the owner of the darkest, ugliest kitchen in town. (It’s hard to tell from these photos, but this is the sunniest time of day, with all the lights on.) Seriously.  I would watch House Hunters on TV and be talking at the women who were complaining about the kitchens, saying I would kill for that kitchen.  Mine was largely faux.  Faux everything.  Faux wood everywhere except for the doors, and some of the trim.  Yes, some.  It was a hodgepodge.   Not to mention seven layers of linoleum and vinyl and the faux brass pseudo-Bavarian door handles. 


The only reason we didn’t replace it sooner is because it was pretty new when we bought the house, having been used for less than a year.  We spent so much renovating the rest of the house, and were just so ready to move in, we lived with it.  And hated it.

And then, one day, my husband surprised me with the news that I didn’t have to wait anymore.  My brand new kitchen was coming.

Goodbye, dark ugly faux.  Goodbye, broken door.  I’d like to tell you I miss you, but I don’t!  

Hello, solid wood!  Hello pretty happy white!  Sigh … my heart goes pitter pat for you!  (please excuse the poor phone photos.)  There really is no substitute for solid wood.  They look a lot better than in these photos and the room is so much brighter now. 

  photo_2(2)  photo_3(1) 

We went with all white, except for the floors, which are tile that looks like wood.  It isn’t grouted here, but you get the idea, I think.  (They’re pretty dusty, but I literally snapped this over the heads of the contractors while they were working.)   The picture on the right is the same corner as the first photo.  AND these were taken just before sunset, with no lights on. 


We’re waiting for countertops, and then we can do the backsplash and all of the trim.  I can’t wait!

This reno seemed endless, and we found about 100 problems behind the walls (no insulation, cut beams, missing headers, holes in the floor … it was nuts!), but it’s coming back together the right way.  

I will post some more soon.

Have a great week!



Tuesday, February 18

presidents day

Washington DC 645e

What better way to mark Presidents Day ( a day late! I tried to schedule in advance and it didn’t post!) than with a few of my favorite DC shots?  I’ve covered Lincoln, Washington and Jefferson here – some of our country’s finest!  Wishing for peace and prosperity for this great nation of ours! 


Washington DC 640e

   Washington DC 693e   Washington DC 638e

Friday, February 14

happy valentines day!


“A loving heart is the truest wisdom.” - Charles Dickens

Happy Valentines Day to you all!  I hope each of your days is full of love today, and everyday.