Sunday, January 11

at least the weather was wrong

They said up to ten inches of snow yesterday, but we only got about an inch and a half! Phew! But it is definitely a winter's day here: the sun is very bright against the snow, and the roads are icy. Thankfully, we laid in provisions so we don't need to leave! A warm toasty breakfast today. I tried Colin Cowie's almond pancakes from his website. Quite yummy, and very filling. And made with heart healthy almonds and whole wheat flour. My eight year old daughter says it is a definite do-again!
If you are not familiar with Colin Cowie, I strongly recommend his website, and his books. He is a party planner and lifestyle guru extraordinaire! Think Martha Stewart with the panache of Cary Grant! Honestly? I want to be him when I grow up!

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