Thursday, October 8

fall is definitely in the air …

apple picking and new paltz 003

Fall is here for sure!  Every store front, nursery and farm stand is all decked out in the colors of the season.  This weekend, our local – volunteer – fire department (Did I mention my husband was in the fire department?  He is an officer.  He gives a lot of his free time to this and I’m proud of him for it!)  has their annual Harvest Fair.  They’ll run hayrides around the neighborhood, pop fresh popcorn, barbeque some burgers and hot dogs, and sell mums, farm fresh produce and pumpkins.

 apple picking and new paltz 005

They’ll have some vendors, and the village library will have a table or three of books you can pick from and donate what you think is fair.   You’ve got to love a good Harvest Fair! 


  1. Hi Stephanie..just found you via your comment on Pat's Back Porch Musings..
    Your blog is lovely! Wonderful pictures..
    I will come back and visit..
    I am in NY too..east end of LI..Come visit my blog and look around when you have time!!

  2. Thank you so much Kathleen! I will definitely check out your blog today!