Friday, October 2

things I love

Among the things I love are old books. I am especially interested in old books about home-keeping, hospitality, and manners. I have quite a few already, and a few more that I am interested in that I am scouring the internet for. What do I get from these books? An interesting view into times past. A glimpse at the day to day, without having to give up my washing machine. A few good tips on housekeeping, such as stain removal, removing scratches from wood ... And the books on hosting and hospitality fascinate me. A look at a time when people had more time to entertain. Funny how with all the time saving conveniences that we have, our time is still at a premium and hard to keep track of. I love the descriptions of entertaining from a time when people used their leisure hours differently than we did. And so many of the ideas still hold true today. And I especially love that there was a time in the not so distant past when people placed manners at a premium. When children were taught to be courteous and people showed courtesy to one another... My dad still gets up when a lady comes into the room. I would not give up modern medicine and technology, but there is something to be said for a little old-fashioned courtesy...

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