Monday, November 30


A great but busy weekend! My cousins were here from France – LOVE them to pieces! – and my sister from Pennsylvania …. so it was busy busy busy … hope your weekend and Thanksgiving were happy ones!

Among the things we did was visit the lovely Planting Fields Arboretum.

November 09 042

This is the “little” greenhouse as you walk up the drive … it is filled with hundreds of camillas all in bud ready to bloom … it’s going to be lovely. Just a hint of what’s to come …

November 09 048

The beautiful, old, crumbling brick walls …

November 09 054

The house, or as much as could fit in one picture (yes, it was that big, Coe Hall) … is a reproduction of an Elizabethan Manor built in the early part of the last century.

November 09 045

I could not fit the whole front hall into one picture or even six. November 09 107

November 09 108

These halls were definitely decked!

November 09 110

Much more tomorrow … and then I hope to show you what I’ve been doing to decorate for the holidays!

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