Tuesday, December 29

dreaming …

of a warmer place to be ….

…. don’t you want to go ? I do … I’ve never been, but I have been to their other property in Newport, and it is lovely … cold and windy in New York … Little Palm Island? …. ahhh …

photos of and by Little Palm Island Resort and Spa


  1. i will meet you on the chairs in photo number 1 in 15 minutes!! bring your best book, sunscreen, sunglasses. we'll order a salad and pina colada from the beach boy waiter for lunch!!

  2. It's a deal! Meet you there! If you can't find me, I may be enjoying that oceanside massage!

  3. Oh dearest Stephanie!
    How kind of you to mention me! WOW! That is absolutely kind of you. Thank you for coming to visit with me! I love blogland and the dear people I have met. I look forward to a year of fun and creativity from all of us! Have a safe and wonderful celebration tonight! I am in Minneapolis MN and WE ARE FREEZING TOO! Hang in there...before you know it, we will be blogging on our garden adventures and summer vacation! Bisous, Anita

  4. It looks just beautiful! It's freezing here!

    Happy New Year!