Monday, December 21

it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas … finally!

Well, the snow has fallen (one and a half feet!) and the roof is fixed (hallelujah!) and the tree is up (hooray!!) … finally!   It is beginning to feel a little Christmas-y here at last!  We’re not done yet , but we got a lot done and are almost there.   First up, a bulletin board my husband made for me for the photo cards.   (I didn’t want to ruin the plaster as it isn’t staying here, so I am dealing with the green wires for now.  After the holidays it is going to hang the other way and go into the kitchen.)  

Christmas 09 035

Then the rest of the cards so far …

Christmas 09 042

Here are some of the presents, ready for eager little hands to open them …. I went with green and gold this year … (yes, I DO coordinate my wrap every year … I know, I know …. )Christmas 09 037

Christmas 09 038 Christmas 09 039 Christmas 09 040

And the mantle … I made the garland a few years back … Christmas 09 051

Christmas 09 049

Christmas 09 053 Christmas 09 052

And the stairway … I think the last of the sheetrock in the background is a nice touch.  He promises it will be gone today …

Christmas 09 043

Christmas 09 045

Christmas 09 046

Christmas 09 048

Christmas 09 065

Different versions of the little elves are all over the house …. you' might also have noticed that there is a theme of fruit and flowers.   It starts at the front door, and continues through the house …

I love it!   OK, so tomorrow – the tree! 



  1. Your home looks beautiful!
    Love that mercury acorn..I almost bought one, but the line to pay was forever!

  2. thanks Kathleen! I got it last year at Smith & Hawkins with the friends and family card. I'm going to miss that store! Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    Thanks for answering..I really appreciate your visits to my blog!
    I caught up on all your posts..
    You do take beautiful pics..
    Is that the business you want to increase??
    Glad the kids enjoyed their gifts and that the roof didn't end up ruining your Christmas!
    And I hope you get to travel this year..
    We don't..I would like to go to Ireland someday ..and Disney with my gkids...they have been, but I want to see them having fun!
    A personal invite for you..
    I am doing a St Pat's Party again this year..
    Please join in..
    You can go back to last year's to see ..It is fun, no pressure, and people get to know your blog..
    Think about it!

  4. Thanks Kathleen! I will definitely try my hand at your St. Pat's party ... St. Patrick's Day is pretty big around here - James Patrick requires his traditional meal, and the kids love it too!
    I'm not a professional photographer, but I really do love it ... and I would LOVE to go to Ireland one day! I would come back with 2000 pictures I am sure!