Wednesday, December 2

a little more …

A few more pictures from Planting Fields, and then tomorrow, the greenhouse.  Lovely and lush.   Here we have a small study, and the study of the lady of the house.  I think it is interesting that it is the only room in the house not done in the Elizabethan style.   It was so pretty … hope you enjoy!  November 09 066

November 09 096

November 09 099

November 09 104November 09 105 
So pretty, isn’t it?  And one more shot from the hall of the staircase that I missed yesterday … tomorrow we’ll take a look at the greenhouse …

November 09 109


  1. wow!! i have missed some beautiful photos from your posts. what a gorgeous place. hope all is well with you. i miss all my blog stops. have been super busy. hopefully things slow down soon. have a great weekend.