Saturday, December 26

twas the day after Christmas …

and all through the house, not a Clark-ie was stirring, not even a mouse … we’re all about relaxing today.  (though I did ROCK on the Beatles Rockband before!) 

I hope you all had as great a day as my family did.  One sister did not make it here from out of state, for the first time ever, so that was sad.  But we had a happy day otherwise.  The children, who were secretly worried that roof-top disasters would dash their sugar plum dreams, were surprised by their loot.   And very appreciative, which is always nice to see.  I custom ordered a special necklace for my daughter on etsy, and she loved it to pieces!   Reasonable AND adorable?  Excellent.  Also for the first time, my brothers and sisters and I put a price limit on how much we spent on each other.   For the most part, everyone worked extra hard to find something special, and did.  My sweet husband made us breakfast, and dinner was delicious!   Prime Rib, with mashed potatoes, asparagus, and salad … yum!  Off to Dad’s for leftovers tonight!   

Hope your Christmas was wonderful too!    


  1. Good evening Stephanie!
    How nice your Christmas sounds! We too, had a lovely time and stayed home. However, blogging made it so much fun! Exchanging comments all through the night was unforgettable. Gifts were sweet and special but most of all, the fact that the season is about LOVE made everything bright and beautiful. I am so glad you came to visit....please come back soon for a New Years post. Take care now! Anita

  2. except for your sister not being there, it sounds like the perfect christmas.

  3. Traci - I think we were leaving comments for each other at the same time. It was hard to not have Jo with us, but it couldn't be helped this year ... we really did have a good day though ... thanks!

  4. Stephanie! How nice that you came and what encouraging compliments! We all do make connections for some reason or another, and I am so glad that you found encouragement by reading my post. It certainly is a pivotal time for me to make some decisions. I am actually sitting here at the computer working on the final touches of my thesis but really, I do not consider myself an academic writer. But it needs to get done. However, I would rather spend the last week of vacation from teaching drawing or writing creatively!

    I wish you success in all of your endeavors! See you again soon, Anita