Thursday, December 10

when it rains it pours …

Just a quick post – I didn’t forget to put up my Christmas decorations – we just sprung a leak. Several leaks.  So the tree is not up, the sunroom is in the living room, and the bathroom and dining room are all disheveled …. oh well, at least I hadn’t decorated the tree – we always put it right where the biggest leak is!  (I never thought I would need to write “the biggest leak”!)  This was all of a sudden.  We are getting estimates, but so far the lowest is around $14,000.  Yes.  $14,000.   And two weeks before Christmas.  


  1. oh stephanie, that is terrible!!! how did that happen? i'm thinking of you, hang in there.

  2. Just a combination of multiple layers of roof, and the last one - done 6 months before we bought the house - not being done properly. What can we do, right?

  3. how dreadful! sounds like our dear friends who live where the city decided to put a sewer in at the tune of $4200 two weeks before Christmas.

  4. OMG, that is awful...14,000 dollars!
    And I thought a root canal in Dec for 1200 was bad!
    But I see you got it fixed and your tree is up..I guess they finished before the storm..I hope!
    Forgot to say your gifts look so pretty!

  5. Yes, they finished 18 hours before the snow hit! Thanks!