Saturday, January 2

I resolve ….

2010.  A pretty inspiring number …. new year … new decade …

I have been reading a few of my favorite bloggers, reading their resolutions, or intentions, as the inspiring Traci declares , and have come up with the following game plan for the new year:  (… all resolutions are inspired by, downright copied from, or a parallel to those on Castles Crowns and Cottages, Traci Thorson Photography, Cottage Farm Villa, and Habitually Chic … )

1.  To be present in everything I do.  Enjoy the moments, as Traci said …

2.  Simplify my home.  I have a lot of stuff… it all needs to find a home or move on … you cannot organize stuff unless it has a place to go.  Now, it doesn’t stop me from wanting more stuff, but it gives me something to work on, right?   I have to get the downstairs in tip top for a big event in February anyway, and a deadline really helps!   More on February soon …

3.  Be more creative …  I am pretty good at a lot of things, but I need to do them, and to work at them, and improve  … I hope to have a lot of new creative projects and ideas to share with each of you in the coming year … I am itching itchy twitching to pick up a paint brush!

4.  Work on improving my relationships with others.  A kinder, softer word should replace a snappy answer wherever possible.  

5.  Finish things around the house.  Many projects on the table.  Some for me, some to nudge the husband about.  How about that half-painted bedroom?

6.  Get more of all the good things in life – the intangibles, I mean.  Not stuff!  

7.   Continue with volunteer work.  Maybe find a way to incorporate my creativity with the volunteering …. 

8.   Healthier eating.  I know I need to slim down, but diets are so hard for me… this is going to be a hard one, so I hope to take small steps towards permanent improvements.  Hope they work! 

9.   Become a better gardener.  A corollary to this?  Stop killing plants!  I am a horticultural serial killer.  Plant a patch of herbs …

10.  Become a more inspired and inspiring blogger.

11.   Work on building my business so that I can contribute more to my family. 

12.   Travel more … I love to travel, and last year was a very slow year for us so we didn’t do much.  This year, I hope to do one of the following trips … the Greek Islands, travel Route 66 from start to finish, the Florida Keys (why?  Check out that post from a few days ago!), London, California, Cabo …. hmmm … so many inspiring choices!    I don’t know where we’ll end up, and these are all dreamy trips, but we’ll see. 

13.   Try to find a way to make an income from my creative side…

14.    Learn something new … a new skill, craft, project, language ….

15.   Let the small stuff go and learn to shed the stresses in life ….

16.   Try to be happy everyday.  I am blessed that I have a generally positive disposition, but sometimes, things get to all of us.  I have to learn to let go.

17.  Finally try Yoga.  

18.  Try to make this year the best yet.   

Thanks to all the above ladies for their inspiration, talent, and taking the time to post…. I never wrote my resolutions down, and they were always more fixed on the external than the internal.   They also didn’t take!  I’ll try the new approach and see … and I can come back to this page periodically and see how I’m doing … we can all use a little refresher now and then.  

All my best for 2010,

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