Monday, January 25

a repost …

In honor of Jeanne, who had her first Laduree experience, and has the most delightful site at Collage of Life, which you must go see… thank you, Jeanne for the kind mention in today’s post… below, a repost …




After nearly one year of wanting to make them, I finally tried my hand at making French style macaron. Not your grandma’s macaroons! Little light almond puffs of perfection – a crisp shell with soft moist insides … a raspberry and dark chocolate ganache filling … ahhhh …. mmmmm … ooh la la! 


Yes, they were as yummy as they look. They will definitely be on the dessert table for my next party or get together.


  1. These look wonderful stephanie and I have to say they look just like Laduree. The secret is in the filling, nice and thick! Thanks for the tip on Harrods...we are going to in this week for tea!
    Jeanne :)

  2. Hi there,your macaroons almost look to beautiful to be true.I'm new here just found your lovely blog and would like to invite you to a Tea Dance over @ My Passport to Style, I do hope you will come! Sharon(uk) xx

  3. Here via Jeanne's Collage of Life. Just had to stop by and salivate over your macarons. Lucky you!

  4. Hi Stephanie, those macarons look amazing. I've heard they're notoriously tricky to make, so I admire your beautiful result. Making me drool a little, actually. Meredith xo.