Monday, January 11

winter blues …


I don’t actually have the winter blues, though I do feel a little antsy.  Most of the snow is gone – don’t ask me how as the temperature has not gone anywhere over 25 here – so there are just funny little patches here and there … No gorgeous farm and nature pictures like I’ve seen on so many pages across the country… No warm and sunny vacation pictures (thanks, roof!) … and thanks to Ms. Photo-hijacker, no cute kid pics  that I can post (though I’ve taken some sweet ones).   So I’m still working on my photo editing by adding some textures … I love hydrangeas in a silver vase.   I have these gorgeous blue ones along one length of my house, and  I adore them, especially against the creamy yellow of my house … I like how this photo came out – the perfect spring/summer flower and yet the colors here have a wintery feel.   I really need to get some projects up and running here.   I feel like I’m in a bit of a rut and need to shake it up a bit.  Any suggestions?




  1. My dried blue hydrangeas have just about lost all their color!
    You DO take wonderful shots, Stephanie!
    I went back and looked at your last few posts.
    Someone hijacked your pics???? :(
    Son won't let me put pics of the kids on the net for that reason...Some creepy people out there..
    Off to Christmas Tree Shop today..Have you ever been? Not too far from you...

  2. Thanks Kathleen! Yes, someone copied pictures of my Katie and some of my cakes ... and they live not too far from here, so it was extra creepy! They did take them down when I told her to, which is good...
    I have only been to the Christmas Tree Shop once, shortly after they opened. Is it worth a trip back?

  3. This is lovely Stephanie...I like the stamps in the background. Perfect photo for a postcard. Have you thought of transferring your images to a postcard or stationary collection?? For inspiration, I take my camera start looking at thing close up. Even if they don't work it makes me see things in a different light. I also like to find a picture within a picture...within a picture. Even tracing something with tracing paper can put me onto a different track. Just a thought... Good Luck:)