Tuesday, February 9

a little mini-post …


Things are a little hectic here this week, so posting will be a little sparse.  My cousin is here from France, and my sister was scheduled to arrive tomorrow from out of state, but thanks to Mother Nature, is arriving today.  Also due to Mother Nature – the great book giveaway has been rescheduled for tonight, as we had gotten snowed out the last time.  (We’re expecting another foot tomorrow).  A few birthday parties for Katie will necessitate a little shopping, and finally, my grandmother’s birthday.  My adorable – she really is cute – grandmother is turning 100.  (We’re  sure she is hiding 2 years, but she will never admit to being older than 100.  Even 100 is hard to get her to admit.)   I am throwing her a party this weekend.  I’ll be sure to post some photos after.   If I am lucky enough to be 100, I hope I am still coloring my hair, and getting my hair and nails done, like she does.   She was furious at my sister for making her give up her high heels about 5 years ago, and you still will not see her leave the house in less than a one inch heel, with her hair and make-up done.  Go grandma!    By the way, we’re not allowed to call her grandma – because that is for old people, she says! 

Hope your week is filled with happy things too! 





  1. Hi Stephanie - well looks like you definitely will have your hands full - keep smiling and enjoy the time with family ....
    Love your image - looks like a white hyacinth?!
    thanks so much for all your visits/ comments!!
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  2. Sounds like fun, fun, and more fun. Enjoy the week, snow and all.

  3. Cheers and congratulations to your Grandmother!!
    She sounds amazing! Imagine having to be talked "down" from high heels at 95(97??)
    That's impressive.
    Hope you have a wonderful party!!

    Best Wishes,
    Slim Paley

  4. Sounds like it is all go in your house Stephanie..what a great week you have in store for you. Look forward to hearing more about it!

  5. Stephanie! Bon anniversaire to your grandmother!!! WOW! What an achievement! What lovely flowers for your image as well. Stephanie, thank you for coming to my post and leaving such lovely comments. I wish you a weekend filled with much love! Anita

  6. amazing. good for her. enjoy your time together.

  7. have a great time with your family...