Friday, February 5

looking back …

Phipps 2009 177

… over this week’s posts, I realize that anyone new to this page might be confused.  I really was all over the map.  I know some people believe that we should all stick to one particular niche on our sites.  And some people do that very well.  We could all recommend some fabulous sites on decorating, cooking, scrapbooking, baking, etcetera.  You name it, there’s a page for that.  But this is you and me.  The thing I know best in life is me.  We are lucky to be women today.  We can’t be drawn into neat little boxes.  We won’t be limited to one thing.  We have lots of different interests, passions, loves.  But mostly, I think that anywhere you find beauty in this world is someplace you want to stop and look.  I hope that some days, I do pass on something beautiful that I have seen.  This is an amazing, gorgeous, breathtaking world.   The roads may wind a little, but we’re going to have a wonderful trip.  

Have a great weekend everyone.




  1. Posting about beauty in any form is a niche in itself. You are doing a fabulous job and go wherever you like and we will go with you. Have the best weekend.

  2. Amen to that Stephanie! A you can see from my blogs my roads seem to go in many directions but that is life and you have to go with it. I think your blog is great and I understand exactly where you are going. Each day is a new experience and what we decide to blog about reflects all that we are seeing and feeling. Some days are great and others you would rather move on but even those days have something if we look hard enough. So go forward and have fun is what I say. I enjoy reading your blog...kindred spirits I think....Blog on!
    Have a great weekend!
    Jeanne :)

  3. Hello Stephanie ~ Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. :o) You have a nice blog, and I like what you have written here! I like to mix it up a bit ~ keeps it interesting!

  4. Stephanie! Thank you dearest for coming by for a little dancin'! How lovely and vif are your beautiful flowers and YES, we all have diverse interests and they are to be celebrated! Cheers, ANita