Monday, March 8

hello, Monday!

Hello ladies!  A busy week here in our house.  Jamie is off on his trip. (I managed to keep it together! Barely!)  And I will be in NYC  tomorrow for some appointments for work, and again on Wednesday with Kate for some appointments with her.  Add in the Girl Scout sleepover at the museum, a regular work week, a good friend’s birthday celebration, Family Ice Skating night (yes, our little village does family ice skating, Little League Parades, etc.) and the Mother-Daughter Brunch for the Mercy League, and I don’t know how often I will be able to post.  But I did have a destination or two in mind to share, so I will try to get those out.  

In the meantime, the book I won from The Hampton Hostess arrived this weekend.  It is gorgeous.

It is full of gorgeous black and white and color photographs of these amazing homes.  For many of those that still exist, they show what they looked like then and now.  Some of the interiors look as appropriate today as they did one hundred years ago.  Now that is timeless style!   They even include floor plans for a lot of the homes.  If you get a chance to see this book at your local book store, take a look.  Really beautiful.   Thanks again to a very gracious Hostess!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!




  1. Sounds like a wonderful week, Stephanie. Enjoy!

    The book looks like one I would enjoy.

  2. Have a great one Stephanie....take photos!

  3. Stephanie, hope you have lovely week. Well done on your win, that book looks fabulous.

  4. Busy, busy!! Sounds like you're off to a great start. Enjoy your week, and NYC in particular.

  5. Sounds like a fun-packed week ahead! Enjoy!!! xoxo

  6. i am sure i would love that book. what a busy, fun week you have. take care!!