Monday, March 22

i’m feeling a little sassy!

On Friday, the lovely Dash over at French Sampler gave me an award.  It is her own Sassy Blog Award, given to  “great, inspiring blogs” and to ladies who are “incredibly sassy”.  Well, that did put a little spring in my step!  How sweet you are Dash!  Thank you so much!


I’ve recently given some awards, and it is hard to pick so soon – because I love you all, I really do.  You’ve added so much to my life.  There were no rules, other than to pass them on to worthy individuals.  I’ve got to say – you’re all pretty sassy.  But to keep it simple, I have picked just three today.  (Though I would completely send this right back to Dash too – her French adventures keep me coming back for more!)

Jeanne at Collage of Life, In One Place and Finding my Way has to make the list.  (For being an absolute doll, and for her adventures in globe-trotting).  Slim Paley, for being chic and sharing lovely things, but still being (if you’ll forgive my 7th grade flashback) “totally cool”.  Traci Thorton – because she’s a great girl, and I love her style.    And now I better go, because I just thought of 3 others I would have to include.  I’ll keep you guessing as to which three, because I’m sassy that way…

Have a wonderful week!




  1. Oh Stephanie, You Sassy thing you! You are a doll as ever and I thank you, thank you, thank you :) Congratulations...from one sassy girl to another!
    Jeanne :)

  2. have a nice week and keep on being fab!

  3. Hi Stephanie, so glad your well deserved award has put a spring in your step, Love your blog.