Wednesday, March 3

a little more camera bag info…

I wanted to show you the inserts out of the camera bag, since a lot of people seemed interested:

This is what the 3 compartment insert looks like.  Those dividers in the middle are adjustable.   The whole thing is 11 by 3. 

And this is the single, which I used for the camera body.  They all come together with the Velcro.

They make everything from single lens holders on up.  So it should be fairly easy to find a combination that works for you.  I found Amazon to be about 30% less than at my local camera store.   Just go to and in the search box put “Domke camera inserts”.  The description of each includes the dimensions. 

I was playing around a bit, and found that the inserts work well in at least 3 bags that I already have, so I am pretty happy about that.  And about re-using the old bags too. 

And finally, I just wanted to clear up – I will never judge anyone based on their bag.  Different strokes, and all.  And really, I think fashion is more about what you find than where you find it.  I just really really like nice bags.  

And now, I am off to practice some more with the camera,  I learned something new, and I want to find an interesting way to share it with you all. 




  1. See? And you thought no one cared about camera bags!

  2. those are great. i need to check into them. but i can't get those ones out of my mind - the link you sent me. not sure if i can wait much longer.