Sunday, April 11

just a quick hello …


It was another whirlwind weekend here … I think they get busier every week from now to June.  And then, ahhh, those hazy, lazy days of summer …


We kicked off the weekend with a quick family dinner out at the local diner.  Saturday was the Little League parade and kick-off carnival.  They had rides, popcorn, cotton candy, a BBQ, and some games for the kids.  James ran the barbeque and parade for the Fire Department.   (They host it for the Little League.  He organizes it every year  - what a honey!)   And this year for the first time, they had a dunk booth.  Two of our gym teachers and one of the little league coaches who is a good friend of ours manned up and went in the dunk tank to raise money to send a child with cancer to summer camp.  I’m really happy to report that somewhere in the US will be a very happy camper!


Then we had my son’s first Junior baseball game. (He just graduated from Little League.)    My baby is still doing softball, so a few more years of LL.   After Jamie’s game James and I had  dinner out with two of my favorite people.  It was one of those Italian restaurants where they let you sit and chat for hours, even on a Saturday night. 


After a lazy Sunday morning, there’s one more baseball game, a school project, and then it really steps up for the next two weeks … I am going to be out six nights in a row this week  -  I need to soak my feet just thinking about it … Every year I can’t wait for spring and then when it comes we are so busy it’s crazy! 


So a little peak at what’s sprouting out around here, and I apologize in advance if this week’s posting is a little sparse!



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  1. The photos are beautiful. Enjoy your time this next week. See ya soon.

  2. your photos are just incredible! What kind of camera do you use-is it digital? xxBarbara

  3. Hello, busy girl! You did have a whirlwind weekend, but sounds like lots of fun.

    These photos you posted are so beautiful. Do you have your photos framed and hanging in your home?

    Enjoy your busy week!!! xo

  4. Your photos always make my morning! Sounds like you had quite the busy weekend---I'm glad it was such fun! Now I want John and I to go to our favorite diner tonight for dinner : )
    xo katie

  5. Gorgeous photos, sounds like you have a very busy week ahead - enjoy! :-)

  6. Stephanie, lovely photos as usual, don't work too hard this week, remember to have some you time.

  7. Sounds like a fabulous weekend to me! I can't wait until my lil' dude is doing the LL thing!

  8. I second Hampton Hostess- what kind of camera do you use? :)

  9. I LL parade sounds so fun and amazing! I would love to walk around with cotton candy and caramel corn. Great photos!

  10. I third the question...tell us the camera...signed all your photography fans!!!

  11. Wow....we are way behind you Stephanie on the Spring factor. Your photos look amazing!!!
    Be sure to stop and smell the roses in your busy week Stephanie...I am sure you will. Whatever you fancy, just get some 'me' time in there. I am sure you are like me and feel that any time alone with your camera is good enough for you!

    Have a good one!!

    Jeanne :) :)

  12. It looks beautiful! You are ahead of us! Son is coaching 3 diff teams..he needs to rethink this!

  13. i want to just climb through the computer with my quilt and book and lay under those trees all afternoon.