Monday, May 10

back to Old Westbury Gardens …


I know I posted some older Old Westbury Gardens photos just recently, but I had no idea I’d be back there so soon.   My daughter has an “About Long Island” project, and had to visit with her partner from school.  I love it there.  From the grand approach, to the quiet corners to sit and enjoy the beautiful views.   Take a stroll around the grounds and relax a while …




The girls had a lot of fun running through hidden paths and posing for photos. 

071 There are gates and walls and terraces separating the different gardens…


And a few hidden forts and a playhouse for the children of the house…



And as you circle around past the back of the house … 091e    

there is a path to the pool and the lake … which looks different in every season …


It’s been cool here, so the gardens are not full yet, but there is something lovely around every single corner.   They have been able to save over 150 of the original 300 acres, and make it very accessible to the public.  While we were there, we saw many people relaxing, reading, taking photos or just strolling along.  I have some more photos of the formal gardens to post later this week.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week.  Remember, just a few more posts to go until 200, and a surprise!




  1. Beautiful weather you had! Looks like a wonderful day! It really is gorgeous there! Its another rainy day her, have a great one!

  2. Beautiful photos of a gorgeous setting! Makes me wish I was there...

  3. Enjoyed the stroll around the campus. My favorite scene is the one of the tree and looking through it seeing the duck on the water. That is really neat.

  4. WOW, what a gorgeous place!!! I could look at those photos all day!!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  5. Pretty pictures. What photog books did you buy?

  6. That playhouse is amazing. What lovely pictures!

  7. Beautiful photos--Old Westbury looks best in the Spring! Looks like you had a fun afternoon

  8. man, what a gorgeous place. i would go back often too. great shots stephanie. love the one of the goose through the cool tree branch. that's a photographers eye. beautiful!

  9. Stephanie, wonderful photographs, the gardens look amazing, looking forward to the next posts!

  10. Your photos of this historic estate are breathtaking Stephanie!

  11. Oh Geez, please.... I'd be happy with the children's playhouse.. haha... could live there happily... this place is so beautiful.. just gorgeous and your photos are just as lovely... thanks for taking us on this little adventure. .. and 200 posts!! woo hoo!! I'm not even close.. must be slowing down in my old age!! ..speaking of.. thank you SO much for your lovely birthday wishes... so lovely .. and only you could wish me perfect focus!! hahaha that's what I'm hoping for.. a new camera!! thanks!!! xxx Julie

  12. Absolutely, positively stunning! I wish my school projects had taken me to such fantastic places!

    XX katie