Tuesday, May 18

i’ve been a bad blogger …


We’ve been busy, but not the kind of busy that leads to tons of things to blog about.  Just regular stuff.  Katie got a new bicycle.  At nine years old, we had to switch her to a ladies size bike.  I so was not ready for that.  I tried to talk her into this one: 


But she wouldn’t go for it.  It is a perfectly adorable soft blue, not that you can tell from the photo.  But it is seriously covet-worthy.  With a basket in front? Please.  I cannot take it.  But no, nothing would do but the metallic green one.  My fault for trying to talk her out of the pink one.  (The husband says I should just stop being a baby and get the bike already. Maybe. I do need a new bike…) 

But other than that, and a stunning weekend  - which was filled with baseball, softball, parties and friends - there has not been too much to blog about.  I’m still busy with work, but much less than what it was the last few weeks.   So I had enough of a breather to catch up with my photography class, and have some friends over last night for a little party.  

I won a party from Shutterfly for myself and 14 friends to make photo books.  I got to make 2 books, and everyone else got to make one, and take home a Shutterfly tote and pen, PLUS twelve free cards.  Not bad, right?   I think everyone had a nice time, and the books really come out great. 

So that’s it from here.  Just 2 posts until number 200 so stay tuned! 

I hope you all have a great week, and that something fabulous happens to post about soon! 



  1. cute bike post-my daughter camille just learned how to ride a 2 wheeler--thought you would want to enter my new give away--two times lucky??! See you soon, Barbara

  2. Actually - sounds like lots of things to blog about - just find the right point of view, the most charming things are in the details! Anyway - your blog is lovely already ;)

  3. Hi Stephanie, sweet photo of your daughter--mine just started riding a 2 wheeler! Visit HH this afternoon-I just posted a new giveaway--you may be lucky again!! xxBarbara

  4. My 10 year old just got an adult bike too...and it completely unnerved me!

  5. I love the bike! I want a cute bike now:)

    Wait until she is old enough to drive like my son! YIKES!

  6. HI Stephanie
    Well I love that soft blue bike.. I'm sort of coveting a white one at present... had one I lent to a 'friend' and never got back.. boo hoo... but I can understand Katie's need for green.. as a child I had a serious green obsession.. and my niece as the same age did also... so I bet she loves the green model... I think you should just get the blue one for yourself...

    Your Shutterfly win sounds like it was fun... can't complain about free right!! .. Well I look forward to your 200th post.. woo hoo... bring it on! xxx Julie

  7. maybe you should just enter a contest to win the bike because you are the luckiest person i know!!!! her bike is cute, but i agree, i love the other. i think you need it. you'll need to ride with her sometimes right. take care.

  8. Please do get a bike. I'm longing to get one too, and just might this summer.
    Have a fabulous weekend, dear friend. Love and hugs!

  9. Oh how fun! I remember those days! Riding my 'ladies' bike! It was a little big back then but I grew into it nicely. I still ride my bike everyday! Oh the memories :-)