Monday, August 23

on the road again …

We didn’t have a ton of time, so we decided to take a road trip upstate New York.  It is a whole different world up there than my old Long Island …

Cooperstown 081610 008e2We were definitely in farm country.  We drove through some small towns, and I was saddened to see just how hard the economy hit them upstate.  Pretty little towns, with nearly every other building boarded up.  We saw a lot of them.  Is Main Street America still alive and well by you? 

Cooperstown 081610 009e  But then we hit Cooperstown.  It is a pretty little town, and of course, home to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Baseball, USA.

Cooperstown 081610 017Cooperstown 081610 030 Cooperstown 081610 068

Cooperstown 081610 056 Cooperstown 081610 079

Sorry about that … Yankee Fan!    And after lunch and a walk around town, we drove over to the hotel, right on the lake …

Cooperstown 081610 110 More to come soon … I may have taken a zillion photos of the lake.




  1. Hate to hear that about the small towns. We don't have much of that here in East Texas, thank goodness. Loved the photos!

  2. Main Street, a farm and a lake!!
    I love it..a slice of Americana Stephanie..beautiful.
    Keep it comin!!

    Jeanne xx

  3. Sounds like a beautiful trip. Love the photos, Stephanie.

    Our Main Street is doing it's best to stay alive. It seems to come and go though. The past few years it has started a little bit of a comeback.

  4. I have never been there. Don't tell anyone, but we are Red Sox fans! :)
    Great pics, as usual!

  5. great photos... amazing how the scenery changes when you leave the city...

  6. I have never been there, so I really enjoyed this tour through your lens. Those that have said that part of the country was very pretty. You photos support that. Nice job.

  7. beautiful country. quiet a difference from your city life.

  8. Oh Stephanie, I am so homesick for the east coast! It has been some time since I've been back to visit and your beautiful pictures make me yearn for it all the more. I see a trip in my future. Thank you for showing the beautiful countryside of upstate NY.