Monday, August 2

summer sundays …

I’m a little behind on my posting, with all the computer woes I had last week.  But everything is finally back on the computer and it is doing well so far.  Fingers crossed!

But last weekend, we took a ride out east to the North Fork of Long Island.   We had lunch at Lobster Roll Northside.  We’d only eaten at the one in the Hamptons before, but this one was just as good.  I had a yummy lobster roll, and as I looked down at the last bite, I thought, Uh-oh, I was planning on taking a photo of that!  oops!  002e

Then we went for a walk and finally ended up picking peaches at a farm.  SO many yellowjackets but thankfully no stings!  



  011e 015 020 024 And then we headed on home.  


Hope your summer has been sweet and delicious!




  1. I wish my peaches looked like that on my tree! I'd love to join you for a lobster roll ;-)
    Thanks for always stopping by and leaving your sweet comments Stephanie, I really love when you visit.

  2. I am missing the east coast so much. I love our California weather but I miss the lush green summers on the east coast. I am always so thankful that I grew up along the Hudson River and I always appreciate your wonderful east coast pictures.
    And I agree with Denise, thanks for always stopping by and leaving your lovely comments. I also really love when your visit(Thank you Denise, you said it perfectly!).

  3. It is not as peachy here as where you are. Much too hot. I would love to have some of those peaches for my cereal. Thanks for your visit.

  4. a wonderful day. those peaches look yummy and i don't really even like them. love the black eyed susans too. one of my favorites.

  5. The peach orchard looks like a beautiful place (minus the yellow jackets). Sounds like a great day!


  6. HI Stephanie
    WOW.. these photos are just wonderful.. feel like I am walking through the orchards with you.. and brightening a dull winters day here.. [although the sun is out for a change]..

    Have a lovely week xxx Julie

  7. What a perfect outing! I loooove peaches and have always wanted to visit Long Island. Oh and I think you absolutely must follow your hubby into work one day and take a flower arranging class. Knowing your eye for photography I'm sure you'd makes something beautiful Stephanie!
    xx Katie
    P.S. How cute are your children?? They kill me! : )

  8. I love these photos... And, pass me a peach, will you? YUM!

  9. I have eaten there a few times, never the one in Amagansett. We rarely go that far East due to the traffic!
    How were the peaches? Expensive? I can't imagine what the apples will be this year. Last year they were 29 a bag at the place we go to here. So expensive! I wait for Best Yet to have their sale on local apples!