Wednesday, September 29

turtles …

The title will make sense soon, I think.   But things are still nuts here.  I managed to scratch my cornea more than once, and I ended up with a corneal ulceration.  Which is just about as much fun as it sounds.  Seriously? Giving birth was way  less painful.  So between that, and some family medical stuff, it’s been a barrel of laughs here.   But on to the turtles…

I won a lovely prize from Irene at Happy Turtle.  I happened across her blog last year, and have found some really interesting things.  She recently had a giveaway, and I won this piece of art by artist Julia Freund:


Yay me!  You know I love to win, right?  I love the flags, and the flowers, and that lantern.   It is so sweet, isn’t it?  Like childhood summer nights.  Thanks to Irene and the talented artist. 

And onto turtle #2: my dear Deb of Paper Turtle.   A whole month ago, the Delightful, crafty, talented Deb honored me with an award.  And I really am honored to be included with the wonderful blogs she listed.


The rules of the award are: 

1) Thank the person who gave me my award!  (Thanks, Deb!!)
2) That the receiver places it on their blog.
3) Receiver lists 3 things about themselves.
4) Receiver posts a picture that they love.
5) Tag 5 people for the award to keep it going.

OK, here goes – Thanks again Deb!! 

Three things about me … hmmm …

1.  In addition to English (most days), I speak Greek, Spanish, Latin, and a little French and German. 

2.  I am hopeless on roller skates, and have been since I was a kid.   I am not meant to roll.

3.  I love to paint but haven’t done it in years.   This is something I really want to get back to, but it needs time, and supplies, and both seem to be in short supply right now.  I really want to master watercolors.  I can paint in oil and acrylic but I am hopeless at watercolors. 

I THINK I can scrounge up a photo that I love …

Phipps 2009 165 vintage signed_edited-1

The hard part of that one would be picking just one!  But you knew that, right?

And finally, passing it on to 5 bloggers.  This is always hard because I really love what I have been seeing out there lately.  You all are some of the most talented, creative people I have seen.  So really, this is for all of you.  But the five I chose are:  Pat at Back Porch Musings (she recently had her blog go offline mysteriously, and is rebuilding over at typepad.  A talented photographer and sweet lady.), Carol of Raised in Cotton (I covet her farmhouse and love her beautiful photographs.), Sharon of My French Country Home (A wonderful life, and lifestyle in the French Countryside.  Beautiful treats for the eye and your home.  A brocante genius, she always finds the best stuff!), Sande of A Gift Wrapped Life (For her amazing gift presentations and lately, a spectacular view of Paris), and Slim Paley (Who I want to be when I grow up.).

If my eye and this rain give me a break, I will try to be back here Friday with a photo and quote. 




  1. Stephanie I hope your eye is much better very soon!!

    Thank you for thinking of me. I appreciate it so very much.

  2. oh you poor thing. i didn't know you hurt your eye. where have i been.

    that is a beautiful painting. you are one of the luckiest people i know. good for you. that's a bright spot!!

    have a good day sweetie.

  3. :o) You had me at the title, Steph! lol

    LOVE that adorable painting you have won. You are so lucky at blog giveaways!!! I'm looking forward to checking out these blogs you have listed!

    And I'm impressed that you can speak all those languages and that you can paint! And I've never been good at skating either. :o) xo

  4. I am sorry to hear about your eye troubles. I scratched my cornea once wearing hard contacts (remember those?) and it was so painful! I can only imagine your ordeal. :(
    I'll have you know I am the loveliest shade of green with envy at your having been to The Faded Rose! I'm sure it was beyond wonderful!

  5. Bless your heart, or rather your eye. I hate hearing that. Our eyes are so special to us. Trust it heals and leaves no lasting affects. You are worthy of your great win and the award. Take care.

  6. i'm really sorry about your eye but very happy about the win... take good care of yourself!!!

  7. Cute pic! I hope you feel better soon!

  8. Dearest Stephanie, I am so sorry to hear that you have had such a bad time with your eyes.....I had something going on this summer that last at least 6 weeks...but now I can see clearly again! THANK YOU FOR COMING BY TONIGHT!!! Anita

  9. Oh Stephanie, I am so sorry to hear about your eye...I have done that too and it is the worst pain! I hope you are feeling better soon.
    Congrats on your win and it's nice to know a few things about you. I am so impressed about your
    language skills. We will all be coming to you for translations!!!
    As you can see, I have been away for a few days and I'm just now catching up on some blogs.