Monday, November 15

hello, again …

Wow, have I been a bad blogger!  But I’m back and I have some great inspiration and beautiful rooms to share.  I went to a designer’s show house not too far from home, and have some pictures to share.  I still don’t know if photographs were allowed. I wasn’t hiding my camera – I used my small Sony, and it’s lime green, hardly inconspicuous.  But in some rooms they wouldn’t let us take photos.   So I didn’t get 3 or 4 of the rooms – 2 of which I loved – but I still got plenty to share.  And if photos aren’t allowed, well, shhh… don’t tell!

The entire show house had a holiday theme.  First up is the Flower Room.  Yes, they have a whole room dedicated to flower arranging.   This room was turned into a super luxe gift wrap room.  012 013 014 015e 016e

I love that row of hydrangeas on the window sill.  I think I’ll be trying that one out in my kitchen soon.   I just need to find those cute square vases and I’m all set.  Up tomorrow, the dining room and butler’s pantry. 

Hope you all have a great week.  And thanks to all of you for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments! 





  1. Stephanie you got some fabulous shots!! I never know whether to ask about photos or not. I think a card of some kind, stating photos welcome or no photos please, would be very helpful.
    The photographer from the local newspaper was the only one who asked at our open house. But others took photos without asking. I didn't mind and was flattered.

  2. Love the stitching on the cupboard doors in the first 2 shots - thanks for sharing these pictures, we have nothing like these designer show houses in France.
    My French Country Home

  3. Pretty - the thing that caught my eye was the sink full of baubles. I like the whimsy - of course, not very practical for the average home though!

  4. i think everyone should fill their sink with beautiful ornaments instead of dirty dishes. what a wonderful idea.

  5. yes, I might try the ornaments in the sink! and, the bathtub too ;-)

  6. Trust me, if they had not wanted you to take picture, you would not have gotten any. Sometimes, people over react about things. I cannot see what is the big deal. You are not going out and sell their ideas.

  7. SO pretty! I love the hydrangeas too! and the sink piled with those cool ornaments is a really nice (temporary) decorating idea. Can't wait to see what else you got... xo

  8. So if I fill my sink with ornaments I don't have to cook? :)
    Where are you going to get hydrangeas, or do you mean silk ones?
    On to part 2

  9. Hi Stephanie! Just been all up and down your blog perusing your fantastic images from this lovely show house! Loved the photos...this house has so many beautiful little details...great inspiration! Thanks for sharing these here with us!