Thursday, December 2


Before I get to any Christmas stuff (as in, I still need to finish my decorating!)  I thought I’d share some of my favorite shots from D.C.  Hope you like them.

This was the view from our hotel room.  We could see the entire D.C. skyline, including the White House, the Capitol, and the Jefferson Memorial.  This was just a part of the view.  Sunrise over the city?  Gorgeous. 

Washington DC 069e

Mount Vernon was so interesting and beautifully restored. It’s definitely worth the trip. 

Washington DC 099E

A view of the Capitol from inside the Library of Congress.

Washington DC 463e

And the World War II Memorial honoring those who served from all 50 states.   The mall and the memorials are beautiful. 

Washington DC 682e




  1. Lovely photographs Stephanie, looks like you had a good time, looking forward to your Christmas posts, LOL X

  2. Stephanie your photos are beautiful! i love the one of the skyline at night, it's lovely! i have family outside DC and we are hoping to go visit next year some time! have a nice day! susan

  3. Just found you and signed on! Beautiful pictures of DC! I recently drove through on the Interstate so didn't get to see the same views you did. Cathy

  4. Beautiful images, Stephanie.

    I am trying to visit in between decorating this morning. Almost finished!

  5. I have never been to this area. I truly enjoyed seeing all the pretty and interesting sights through your lens.

  6. It looks like it was a great trip. I have never been. Both my kids went there on their 8th grade trip but not me. Someday.

  7. How wonderful Stephanie
    and fabulous you had a view of it all from your hotel!! thanks for sharing these great photos.. I've never been so all the more interesting for me..

    Look forward to your christmas posts too.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

  8. Of course you got some beautiful photos, Stephanie! I love seeing these shots. :o)

  9. Beautiful photos! What a fun trip you had and your pictures are great.
    Since, once again, I've been so busy and away from blogging for a couple of weeks I'm just catching up.
    Congratulations on winning that wonderful Christmas package. What a fun gift to receive. I bet it was like an early Christmas celebration.
    I haven't done any decorating yet so that is the number one thing on my "to-do" list for the weekend. Have fun with all your decorating too!

  10. What a great view from your hotel room! I owe my youngest a trip to DC and maybe Williamsburg - just never seem to have the time!!

  11. Dearest Stephanie! YOUR PHOTOS ARE WONDERFUL of a place that I love so. I lived in Boston for 11 years and would frequent D.C. every New Year's eve. It is a great city and it is so nice to see you. Thanks for stopping by and have a fun three weeks before the season HITS!


  12. Beautiful photos. I hope to go someday and see all the wonderful sights.
    Glad you had a great trip!