Tuesday, December 7


I promise to put up some Christmas shots by the weekend, but I still have a ton of DC photos, and I’ve only shared a few. These are from the Smithsonian – the Museum of American History, and the Natural History Museum too.  In the American History building, you can see everything from gowns worn by every first lady, Judy Garland’s red slippers, and Julia Child’s kitchen.   In the Natural History Museum, there were butterflies, the Hope Diamond, a crown Napoleon gave to his empress, and Marie Antoinette’s earrings, along with whales, tortoises, and much more.

Hope you’re all enjoying the mini-tour while I finish my Christmas preparations.  It’s a picture heavy post, but most of them are butterflies and baubles.  How do you narrow them down?


Washington DC 238e Washington DC 250e Washington DC 296e Washington DC 331 Washington DC 352e  Washington DC 369E Washington DC 387e Washington DC 419E Washington DC 420e Washington DC 421


  1. How wonderful Stephanie
    something for everyone... Love the Ruby Slippers!!! I could use them right about now!! haha...

    Looking forward to seeing your christmas decor.... ciao ciao xxx Julie

  2. Love the ruby slippers too - but love the butterflies even more! They look similar to some down here in OZ - perhaps they are?

    Happy travels!!

  3. that looks like a fun place. i need to go there. have a great day you lucky lady!!

  4. Stephanie, I am very jealous I have always wanted to visit the Smithsonian, one day I will get there. Like Julie I am looking forward to seeing your Christmas décor.

  5. oh gosh, i love Julia Childs kictchen! super! susan

  6. A place I would love to visit!

    Thank you Stephanie!

  7. Awesome post, Stephanie. I love seeing all these different things. Crazy how small the waist is on that dress! Can you imagine having to be cinched into that thing? xo

  8. I'll take the red shoes and the crown. Lovely!