Wednesday, January 19

one more …

cooperstown 081910 051VSand PS

One more Ferris wheel photo to get me through another blah, gray winter’s day.   I think this has been one of the grayest winters I can remember and it’s entirely too cold.  Brrr …   

Anyway, just popping in to say hello, and let you know I haven’t forgotten you all.  I’ve been busy with work, organizing and family.  Which makes for hectic days, but not much to blog about.   But I am enjoying going over to all of your pages and seeing what’s new.  You all continue to inspire me everyday. 

Hope you’re all having a great week!



  1. I just love the angles and the colors in your ferris wheel shots, Stephanie! These would be great framed pieces. xo

  2. Beatiful photo! I love the angle and the soft colors.

  3. These need to be framed, Stephanie. Beautiful!

  4. You can take time away from the blog world as long as you are well. I do not like my friends to be having problems. Always enjoy my visits with you.

  5. I love what you have done with these two ferris wheel shots Stephanie.
    Perfect for these grey winter days...we have the same here too! Blah!
    I am with the rest of the gang...most definitely, these need to be framed!

    Jeanne xxx

  6. Wow Stephanie.. this is fabulous!!... Just love these angles... really gives one that sensation of height!!! so clever...

    Have a fab weekend.. hope the weather isn't too horrid~!! ciao xxx Julie

  7. Great pic, I would say shot but I don't think we are allowed to use that word anymore.
    Snowing again! Boo!