Monday, March 28

gone camping …

Not really … but anyone who looks at my Pinterest boards knows I have a thing for campers.  I don’t do camping, but I am head over heels for those old, retro campers.  I don’t want to necessarily take it anywhere but my own back yard, but I love them.  Love.  So when my husband was going through some boxes in the garage, and found this little treasure from when he was a small boy, he gave it to me.


It’s an old Corgi toy, a camper.  Isn’t it precious? 

002 copy

The door opens, and you can’t really tell from the photo, but there is a little kitchen, and a table in the back with a plant on it and some chairs.


And my favorite part?  The awning really works!  Love!!  


Depending on my mood, it is either on or in my desk at home.  Don’t you love boys who share their toys?




  1. I got scared, cause it is so cold out there!!

    It is adorable, Stephanie!Going to Gparents Day tomorrow morning, early. Maybe I can borrow your camper, I hate getting up so early!

  2. Love boys who share their toys - wish my hubby would share his new iPad! I have a thing for gypsy wagons... can we be friends?!

  3. i love it. i want one of those babies for my backyard too. we have lots of shared interests girl.

  4. That little camper is just too cute. So small with perfect details of a big one. I can see why you both want to have it.

  5. Hi Stephanie
    I don't 'do' camping either.. haha.. but sometimes feel like i am at my present rental..

    So.. this is too cute.. love that the awning works.. and just reading about your Nook in the last post.. I think I'm going to need some new glasses if I were to try and use one of these... it's about that time for multifocals.. [that's how you know you are getting on.. haha]

    Have a lovely week and thanks for the sweet comments.. ciao xxxx Julie

  6. Stephanie, this is so cute! Our friends just returned from wintering in South Padre. They are there or AZ every winter, in their fifth wheel and absolutely love it.

  7. Oh Stephanie, you should have been at my place over the weekend. We live near a racecourse/convention center and it was the Volkswagon Show weekend. Everyone from wide and far comes along in their VW camper vans...old and new. It had traffic stopped for two days. You would have loved it!

    Jeanne xx

  8. Oh. My. Gosh! How CUTE is that?!?! I didn't know that you "love" camping (er...well...the idea of it...). I actually love the real deal but I'll tell you, it's a LOT of work to get ready for, and lots of clean up afterwards...not all it's cut out to be. But once you're there, in the mountains or just out in nature it's AWESOME.

    Anyway, back to that adorable camper toy - lucky you to have a boy in your life who shares his toys with you. :o) The photos are adorable! xo