Tuesday, March 22

stella & dot


You’ve probably heard a lot about Stella & Dot on line and in magazines lately.  On Sunday, I hosted a jewelry party for a girl in our neighborhood who just started selling it.  She had a pretty good sale.  And in exchange for hosting, I get a percentage of the sales in free jewelry.  Fun, right? 

If anyone is interested in their jewelry, take a look at the website – there is something for just about everyone.  And if you do want to order, drop me a note here, and I’ll tell you how to access “my party”.   

143 145 146

Thanks to everyone for their sweet comments on Sugar Magnolia.  She looks like a puppy, but she just turned five.   And for those who asked, she is a Maltese.  They are sweet, loyal and smart.  And yes, maybe a little bit spoiled.  But she is a very good girl too.

Have a great day!





  1. That explains it Stephanie, my Mi Ki is a mix of Maltese, Japanese Chin, and French Papillon. But it is the Maltese I see the most, that little nose comes out more every day. Love the Stella & Dot, looks like a fun way for women to do business. XO

  2. VERY pretty stuff here! I know Carrie would love the peace sign jewelry holder! ;o)

  3. II have not heard of Stella & Dot! I love your pics, though. I'm headed to their website now. Thanks for the heads up, Steph.
    PS Looks like you gals had fun.:)

  4. i have never heard of them. cute stuff. i think i like it all.

  5. I'm a huge fan of Stella & Dot and even own some pieces. A far cry from a Tupperware party - love the displays!

  6. I love jewelry and this looks wonderful Stephanie.

    When I get a minute later today, I'll have a look at the website.

  7. I am not familiar with that line of jewelry. I have been to various home shows, but not one like this. All the pieces you shared look very pretty.

  8. I imagine you girls had a lot of fun with this jewellery party....

    Hope your weather warms up soon Stephanie.. then I'll just have to pop over as it will be chilly here... ciao xxxx Julie

  9. very cute!!! nothing like a party and still make some money at it!

  10. These are so very pretty! I love jewelry but rarely wear anything besides my wedding band and diamond studs for my ears. But I do buy things all the time.