Friday, April 1

friday flowers


My friend Helen brought me these flowers.  They’ve been brightening up a cold and gray spring day.  March definitely didn’t go out like a lamb.  But at least we didn’t get the snow they were predicting.  This weather is anything but usual for us.  I’m completely jealous of all the blogs I follow with people from California and the south, and even Europe.  It seems spring has hit everywhere else.  At least I have these to warm up my day. 

In other news, I’ve gone a bit country.  I’m crazy about Scotty on American Idol, as well as Lauren.  They’re both so cute.  I’ve made a few recipes from the Pioneer Woman cookbook.  (Seriously? The cinnamon rolls alone completely justify the purchase.  I made the full recipe a couple of Sunday’s ago, and delivered one tray each to my neighbors.  I’m officially their favorite now.)  I’ve gone a bit gaga over Romantic Prarie Style by Fifi O’Neill.  I’m telling you, this city girl has been going country!   I blame Scotty.  I really do.

Another busy weekend coming up – friends, family and little league, including the kick-off parade and BBQ, as well as the first two games.  Throw in a little church and a luncheon, and I’m sure to be looking for an excuse to take Monday off and get a little rest. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!




  1. I agree with you. Scotty is my favorite but doubt he will win. They had a country singer winner before, and he never did very well. They all better this time.

  2. come to the country girl. we'll take ya. i really love lauren. scotty reminds me of the mad magazine character. sorry. i do love his voice though. i always love your flower shots. lift my spirits on this cold, rainy april day. have a great weekend.

  3. Now I want cinnamon rolls. HAHA!

  4. I wish I was your neighbor so you can bake me some cinnamon rolls.
    Hope your weekend is a lovely one, Stephanie. Hugs.

  5. Don't you just love sweet roses? They really take on different personalities. The small ones are cheery flowers and the large ones seem romantic. So Beautiful.
    I just posted some orchid pictures from a show but since I've been having Blogger problems the
    pictures post distored and I can't change the size. They look good outside of the blog! For a while I couldn't even post words on my blog! I have been having major Blogger problems but slowly it seems to be correcting itself now. It is good to be able to post again and I'm celebrating with a giveaway. I hope you come visit.

  6. Hope your weekend was as full and fun as you planned it to be! Our little league games start next week with a parade, too.

  7. Well, I'm on the "other side" because I really like James, the rocker guy. Which is funny because I'm not really a rocker-type of chick, but I like him. And I'll agree though, I do think Scotty is adorable!!!

    I'll still love you though, even if you are going country! xo

  8. The little rose is so pretty Stephanie.

    I confess, I have not seen Idol. I was born a little bit country...small town. J is a whole lot country, born in the country, grew up on a farm. Welcome to country! Enjoy!:-)

  9. i hope you had a nice weekend! ours was good. i'll have to try those rolls and i just got my copy of romantic prairie style it's beautiful!! so neat to see all these great bloggers in it! have a nice week, hope you got some rest today!! susan

  10. I made Pioneer womens cinnamon rolls also - and they were a hit too!!! I was timid at first being scared to work with yeast - but they were quite good -
    you know it's a compliment when the family tells you they are better than cinabon!!