Thursday, April 28

it’s coming!


I’ve been patient, but I’ve waited a long time for this.  And it’s finally coming today!  Hurray!  But I never had one, not even an iPhone or iTouch.   So I’ll need your help.   Please tell me – what are your favorite must-have apps? 





  1. WOO HOO!

    First off, we have to play Words With Friends. Ladynole35 is my user name.

    I love Blogshelf, ABC Player, Kindle, Friendly for Facebook, TV Guide, DirecTV, Paprika.....


  2. I got the ipad for Cmas from my son. Not that crazy about it for blog hopping. Too slow!
    Good for email, but I don't have all my accts linked up. Need son to figure that out for me!
    And I do want you to come out for lunch this summer, definitely!

  3. Yahoo! I hope you got a case for it and not just the flimsy roll down thingy it comes with! My hubby's iPad got knocked out of his hands on the train and the screen shattered. Martha Stewart Living is gorgeous and Kindle is a must. Have fun!

  4. Flightracker, if you have a lot of air travel in your life or your friends/families lives. Yelp. Your bank. And some photo apps. I only use ShakeIt, but a lot of people are on Instagram now.

    If you want an AIM client, use Beejive.

  5. how exciting. you are gonna love it. favorite apps, hmmmmm: solitaire, boggle, kindle reader, wheel of fortune, zinio (for magazines) and big oven (for recipes). now make sure you share any that you find and love.

  6. Wow!!! So jealous - in a good way !! You will love it -
    angry birds!!! but it's addicting

  7. I do not have a fancy phone, but wanted to thank you for commenting on my personal blog some weeks ago. I have added you to my photo blog,. I like your photography, and will be looking in at this blog each day. I really like your Easter pics. I have never been to NYC.

  8. Oooh.....Stephanie!!! I read your comment out to Mr. H last night...when you said you have had it for two days and can't get enough. Let me tell you, it was said with one long glare in his direction! It is like playing a game of cat and mouse with that man. I have a good mind to go out and just buy it!

    My iphone is my friend...close friend. I have lots of apps for travel. Paris, London, Edinburgh etc... I drop them in and out of my iphone as needed. Lots of desk tools for converting currency, time zones, measurements etc... very boring, I know! Essential for travel though.

    World Atlas by National Geographic is son uses it a lot too. A handy educational App for playing, 'Tell me where'... Google Earth is fun too.
    Flashcards, Times Tables, Flash Tables, GeoMaster, Woordsearch, and TextTwist keep my son and I entertained in a pinch...usually in doctor's waiting rooms.
    For photography, I like PS Express photoshop. Check out Photo Caddy too...good for photography tips.
    For writing, I love Momento
    For shopping, ishoes, ibags, ShopStyle and Amazon
    For health/food, Whole Foods, All REcipes, Epicurious, Jamie Oliver Recipes, My Net Diary and Nike/Ipod.
    I have my blog Facebook and Twitter to stay connected.

    The ipad will be perfect for reading, viewing the blog and photos...soon I hope!!

    Can't wait to see what you think ;)

    Jeanne xx