Wednesday, April 20

spring break?


Is it really spring break?  Because it is cold and rainy here.  Hopefully it is warmer and sunny where you are.  But I have pretty much had it with this weather and I feel so bad for the kids who are off this week.   I did put up a few Easter decorations.  I don’t do much, since I only have two small stained glass pieces my late father in law made – a basket of eggs and a bunny – and the eggs you see here.  That’s it.  But I dragged them out in the hopes of spreading a little sunshine inside if not out.  And then I felt pretty bad, because my 10 year old didn’t know we had Easter decorations.  Sigh … bad mommy!   In my defense though, my husband never wanted to put the stained glass out when the kids were little because he was afraid of anything happening to them.  So it isn’t all my fault. 

Other than that, Easter preparations are underway.  I’m planning what dessert to make, (cake will be involved, naturally), and we’re expecting relatives from France and another surprise visitor the rest of the family doesn’t know is coming.  I hope our hearts will be as full as our table.




  1. enjoy your family and all the fun that goes with it -
    It feels like summer down here already -
    sending some sunshine your way -
    and don't feel bad
    the only easter decoration i have is the moss bunny left over from the baby shower last week!!! :)
    eat a piece of cake for me too!!

  2. i know what you mean the weather has be lousy here too. i'm hoping that the weekend might be better! you plans sounds nice. we are just enjoying being home. i don't decorate much for Easter either, don't feel bad! i'm sure your dessert will be a hit! Happy Easter! susan

  3. i think the weather is lousy everywhere in the upper half of the US. crazy, crazy. i only have a couple easter decorations too. that has never been one of my decorating holidays. one of you cakes sounds marvelous. i could just eat that all day long. happy easter stephanie!!

  4. With all your family there having a great time, no one will probably notice if you decorated or not.

  5. Last Friday and Saturday it was around 90 in Southern California. This Friday and Saturday we will be lucky if we reach 65! Crazy weather everywhere. Don't feel bad, we never decorated for Easter either. Besides, it's the Easter basket that kids really care about. In fact, since there is usually chocolate in the Easter basket, I guess that's what we adults care about too! And cake is even better!!!
    Have a wonderful spring break with your family.

  6. You're ahead of me since we have no decorations to speak of! Perhaps a trip to Party City is in store...