Friday, May 13

good intentions …

(Reposting this one after blogger took this down due to their technical issues.  Sorry to all those who left a comment and had it removed.)  

I’ve meant to blog this week really.  And about something interesting.  But so far, every day has been work plus softball, baseball, and lacrosse.   Not too exciting, is it?   So at the risk of boring you all, a few more spring shots here. 

We’ve had gorgeous weather (though not the day I took these), but they’re forecasting 7 straight days of rain ahead!  I’m going outside while I still can!

Enjoy your spring days!



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  1. Beautiful Stephanie!

    We had rain yesterday but the first few days of the week were great for outdoor photography. Sun is shining today.:-)

  2. Your pictures will come in handy when all the spring flowers have left and summer is upon us! So pretty...