Tuesday, July 19

signs …

7 4 Cooperstown 429e

Driving in the US used to mean seeing these signs painted on barns all over rural roads.   We came upon this one and it made me realize that I haven’t see one in many years.  I wonder what happened to this trend.   Have you seen any recently? 

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  1. I love old barns too that have signs on them but they are few and far between - it's almost as if they are all old and falling down now - such a shame. I see a few on our travels up to tennessee - but those mostly say "See Rock City" on them!

  2. you don't see that much anymore do you. the barn looks to be in good shape too. makes me sad when i see beautiful old barns falling apart.

  3. This photo is wonderful Stephanie.

    Here in Missouri, along I-44(formerly Rte 66), there are still several barns, advertising Meramec Caverns and Onondaga Cave.


    This is a link to a site for an organization in Missouri interested in saving our beautiful old barns.

  4. This is a great sight of the barn. Most of them around here look like they are falling down. They do make for an interesting shot.