Tuesday, August 9

freaky foggy …

We can’t say we weren’t warned.  One of the first things we found out about being on the water in Maine is that the weather can change in a minute, and the fog can come up in an instant.    On our first day, we took a short boat trip to see the sights.  When we left port, it looked like this:


When we were out less than 10 minutes, it turned to this:

018  023e020e  035e

That lighthouse is the same one as in the last post.  Freaky, right?  It only lasted a little while, and fortunately, the company that ran the tour made it up to us with a free sunset cruise.   I’ll be posting those next.



  1. What difference just a few minutes can make in our lives.

  2. That would have really freaked me out but only bc I can't swim
    But it made for some great photos!!!
    I really like the 2 nd one down
    Kinda spooky and really conveys the weather

  3. Hi Stephanie

    Maine! How exciting...sorry to hear the weather turned but still...lovely photos :) I look forward to following along. Mr. H wants to buy a home in Maine, I am on the fence. I am curious to read what you think!

    Have you got the Maine accent down yet??

    More photos please!

    Jeanne xxx

  4. that is freaky, but gorgeous anyway. can't wait to see the sunset cruise.

  5. Just like Pebble Beach in CA! It would be freaky to be out at sea in pea soup fog!

  6. Wow - I had no idea the fog could roll in that quickly. Cool photos!