Monday, September 26

a few I missed …

I just came across these shots I missed a few weeks ago when I was on my blog break.  Even if I’m not blogging, I’m almost always taking photographs.   My daughter and I walked took a long walk that day - over 40 blocks.  Phew! 

The first two photos are in Central Park.   I can’t encourage you enough to walk through the many different areas of the Park.  Nearly every walkway has something you would enjoy seeing. 

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These next two are a reminder to keep looking up in NYC.   There is so much neat and varied architecture.   This church on the Upper West Side could have been in England.


Bringing the farmers market to NYC…  This was a weekly event at Rockefeller Center.   If it weren’t raining and I had more time,  I definitely would have shopped more!


And finally, palm trees in Rockefeller Center.   I thought it was neat to see a palm tree and a skyscraper in the same frame.   Not something you see everyday.


Hope you enjoyed taking a walk with me!



  1. i enjoyed the walk very much. the only way i would have enjoyed it more...if i was actually side by side with you. it is amazing to me that a gorgeous park like that is in the middle of a city. wow.

  2. steph your photos are beautiful! i've only been to NYC a few times but it is quite beautiful! i would love the farmer's market! have a great week! xo suz

  3. There really is no other city like New York! It has a personality all it's own. High energy and calm beauty. Thank you for taking us on the walk with you.
    PS. Also loved your Maine photos. I'm getting a thing for old trucks too!

  4. Walking around the city was one of our favorite things to do when we lived there - start down at Battery Park and make our way to the Upper Eastside. Gorgeous pictures of the park!

  5. ok
    40 blocks is alot !! but there is so much to see
    Central park is great for photos - so jealous!!
    look for an answer to your email soon

  6. Hi Stephanie!
    So what happens to the Palm trees in winter, or is it enclosed.
    Do you know you are a no return addy blogger?
    I would love your recipe for the sugar cookies. Whenever you have time! :)
    Still so warm and humid!

  7. Stephanie thank you for the walk. Central park fountain is so gorgeous. . My favorite park is in England not far from where i used to live. It had a lovely pond filled with ducks in the center and a beautiful fountain and there were peacocks everywhere. I still remember chasing them hoping one would lose a feather for me to keep.
    Big hugs!

  8. I used to walk through Central Park every morning to get to my job - brings back memories!


  9. Gorgeous photos! I wish I could have gone on that walk with you!

  10. Gorgeous pictures, thanks for posting them :)