Thursday, September 1


Wow!  Can you believe it’s September already?   I’m still hanging on to summer!

These are just some quick snapshots of a little place not far from home.  It’s a like a little taste of Maine.  This lobster “shack” and seafood market has their own fleet up in Maine, and brings the seafood down fresh the same day.  Order at the window, eat overlooking the water.   Not too bad on a summer’s day, right?  I’m still having some computer issues, so these are unedited. 

007 013


I love how they still have their old truck with the lobster traps out front.  For a NY girl, I am definitely developing an old-truck obsession. 

016 024

And a little family of swans to entertain us as we ate. 


Not quite as relaxing as a trip up the coast, but not too bad for less than half an hour from home.   A nice morning at the beach, and then a really good meal overlooking the water.  Anyone want to come with us next time?  




  1. Love it Stepahanie! The food looks wonderful.

    Happy and safe weekend!

  2. You're making me hungry Steph!

  3. I LOVE old trucks!!! My dream truck is a ford f150 from the 40's or 50's!! I think it'd be cool to drive around in it -
    Hope your having a fun labor day- minus any hurricanes!! and yes now I am craving fish sticks!!!!

  4. I love these pictures! Especiall the one with the gulls!

  5. Count me in! How long does it take to get there from here! Hope you have a great first week of school, Stephanie!

  6. everything looks delicious!!! hope you had a fantastic weekend!

  7. Oh my, that lobster roll looks SO good :) Have a great week Stephanie.

  8. I love these photos! And that looks delicious. I wish I could go there for lunch today!