Tuesday, October 18


Hello, friends!  Sorry to have been MIA for so long.  I got a flu shot last week and have had flu symptoms since about 2 days later.  Kind of defeats the purpose of getting the shot, but what can you do?  Since I’ve been out of it, I haven’t taken any photos, but I still have some I haven’t shared.   First up, the fireworks I took at the fair a couple of weeks back.   There is just something about fireworks that makes my heart go pitter pat.  Hope you’ve all been doing well.


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  1. I was never so sick in my life as I was a couple of years ago, after I got my flu shot!!

    Good to know you are better. I love the fireworks photos!

  2. that sucks!!! hope you feel better real soon my dear! nice pics!

  3. DEAR ONE! That has happened to me with the FLU SHOT and the MEASLE SHOT!!!!!! I hope you are much better now, and thank you for taking the time to come and comment......BIG HUGS OF HEALING TO YOU DEAREST! Anita

  4. Wow, Steph! These are great photos! Hope you are feeling better VERY soon!!! And here's hoping that flu shot works and you don't get sick this season! xo

  5. Those are some of the best shots of fireworks I have ever seen.
    Sorry that you weren't feeling well after that flu shot. I was thinking I should go get one too, but now I'm having second thoughts. Hope you get to feeling your best, real quick.

  6. Hope you're feeling better; I've never had a flu shot since I never get the flu and perhaps that's a good thing. These pictures are fabulous - so much better than what I took at Disney last spring!