Monday, October 3

hello October!


Hello friends!   Happy October to everyone.   I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.   If I were going to rate my weekend, I’d have to give it an “F”.   Not because it wasn’t terrific, but because it was Full of Football, Fall, Fairs, Fireworks, Family, Friends and Fun.   We had a blast – we enjoyed the rides, danced, had dinner with a great crew, went upstate for a drive, went apple picking and to a country farm stand that had the most amazing baked breads and pies you could imagine.  It was an altogether delicious weekend, and I can’t wait to share all the pictures with you soon.

Have a great week!




  1. Hi Stephanie
    Your weekend sounds like it was FFFFanstic!!

    Hope your week ahead is just as good.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. Our fall football adventures turned into a Fast trip to the ER with a broken collarbone for my eldest... Too much Fun for him! :(

  3. Wonderful! We went to gson's bday party in a gym near you, then Uncle Baccala's for dinner. We were supposed to go to the club , but they stop serving on Sunday nights once Oct starts. I would have liked the club better. The noise level is the restaurant was deafening, seriously!
    Food was ok.
    Nice Fall day today!

  4. Precious Stephanie!!!! SO GOOD TO SEE YOU DEAREST and thank you for visiting and liking my SUBSTITUTE POST!!!! Well, somehow, we gotta make something out of nothing, and I figured to make the technical difficulties work to my advantage!

    IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU HAD A "F"abulous weekend!!! YEAH! I did to. It is amazing how a relaxing weekend can charge you up!


  5. that is a busy weekend. wow. fun from beginning to end. sounds good to me.

  6. oh I remember apple time in upstate - it was so fun - the cider and all and the chance to pull sweaters out of the closet -
    oh and pies -!!!!!!
    I can't believe it's oct already - this part of the year always flys by - soon we will be wishing each other a merry christmas!