Friday, November 18

more random stuff …

001e 1.   I’m on the bake sale committee for my son’s high school, and I made my always popular rainbow cupcakes with tie-dye frosting.   Can I brag a bit?  We got a ton of donations for the sale, and mine were the only ones that were all gone.  48 cupcakes.  One kid came back three times for more, told all of his friends, and asked me to make them again in the spring bake sale.   (I wanted to bake just for that kid all over again!)  

2.   I’ve been running around like crazy between work, kids and volunteering, and it is catching up with me.  I need a vacation and the holidays aren’t even here yet!    Any one want to join me for warm sand and fruity drinks on the beach? 

3.   As I was in our neighboring little village last week, this man was being very rude to a woman.  A fight over a parking spot when there was another 2 spots away and a free parking lot behind the stores.  Some seniors from our town were there and one softly said to him, “That isn’t how a gentleman speaks to a lady” as he walked by.  It immediately stopped the man in his tracks.  So the next time people talk about kids today – hah!  There are still lots of great ones around.

4.   I’ve picked up a goodie or two (or ten) at Amazon this week.   Fun stuff!  I’m very excited about the new cookbooks, but especially about the 36 Hours book from the New York Times.  It showcases the 36 Hours feature from the paper where they detail where to go for 36 hours in the USA and Canada.  I’m looking forward to finding all sorts of fun stuff for weekend getaways.


5.    I  didn’t eat any of them, but I really want a cupcake!  


6.   Our high school had the sports awards Tuesday night.  For Junior Varsity, the only award is the Spirit Award.  Want to guess who won?  292 Yup!  That’s my boy!

7.   And last but not least, Southern Living and Coastal Living have just come out with iPad editions of their magazines.  They’re really well done.  Want to know what else?  If you already subscribe to the magazine, they give you free access to the iPad edition.  So I plan on recycling my print versions by sharing with a friend, and keeping the iPad ones on hand for easy access whenever I want them.   You can find them in the App Store.

Hope all’s well with you! And have a great weekend!



  1. Lots of good information here today Stephanie...........especially since I didn't know you could tie-dye frosting. No wonder they wanted more. Congratulations to your son! Happy weekend. XO

  2. SO awesome that your boy won the Spirit Award. :o)!!! And, of course your beautiful cupcakes sold out. I can't believe you didn't even eat just one...

    Have a great weekend, Steph!

  3. first of all i can see why your cupcakes were gone! they are beautiful! and yes you can brag :)
    congrats to your son, that is such an honor! i love that you have a new stack of book, how fun! i hope you get everything done you need to. i've gotta get myself in gear for our Thanksgiving dinner we are up to 19 so far. enjoy your books and the weekend!! xo suz

  4. Congratulations to your son!
    I too picked up the "36 Hours" book at my local bookshop- a great little gift.

    P.S. Those cupcakes look so yummy

  5. Hi Stephanie
    First of all congrats to your son on his award... I'm sure he gets his great spirit from his mum..

    And.. where's your award for your fabulous cupcakes? You're such a wiz in the kitchen!!

    Have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  6. Congratulations to your son! :)
    Those cupcakes look so yummy, may I have a bite? ;)

  7. I have a feeling I would have been one of those that came back for more cupcakes too :) Those are beautiful. Love the wrappers you used too. You should do a post showing how you make these. They are lovely!

  8. Congrats to your dear son!
    Congrats on your super duper cupcakes, too! They look wonderful!

  9. Yay for that kid who stood up to that man! There are certainly so many great kids around. I have two neighbors, boys in high school, who never fail to say hello and offer to do things around the yard.

  10. Such good news! I pray all will be bright and loving this holiday season for you and your family.