Wednesday, December 28

hope you’re still in the Christmas mood …

because I still have a lot  of photos to share!   The day after Christmas found my family, plus my dad, my sister and her family in NYC for the day.  011_edited-1First up, “The Tree”.  It’s how most New Yorkers refer to the Rockefeller Christmas tree.  Isn’t she a beauty?

   020Favorite overheard line of the day:  “Why is it so crowded here?  What is everyone doing here at the tree?!?”  Um, same thing you are?  026027

Next up was Bryant Park, behind the NY Public Library (you’ve seen it in many movies I am sure.  The one with the lions in front?)  for a peek at their tree, the ice skating, and the holiday shops.  064


070Then on to Times Square.    


The ball is up and ready to drop!


In the next post, I will show you the store windows I took photos of, as well as a few other goodies.  Hope you’re all relaxing and enjoying.  I am – there is something about this week that I love.  Enjoying the kiddos, and looking forward to the new year.  




  1. Yes, yes and yes!! Thank you Stephanie, we have been talking about Manhattan a lot recently. We have to go in the next month or so to sort out our Visa's for our move to Vietnam. I am hoping the paperwork drags on... :) Would love to meet if time permits..! Warmest wishes for a very Happy New Year...may peace, love and joy be with you and your family throughout the year.

    Jeanne xx

    PS..Did I tell you I love the photo of the kids you sent?? Thank you!! I still haven't sent out my Christmas cards, looks like an email, again...

  2. Nice Post and Blog. I love to stop and gives you comment here.


  3. Hi Dear Stephanie
    I'm very late to wish everyone a Merry Christmas so hope you forgive my tardiness..

    Thanks for the shots of NYC.. That's exactly where I'd like to spend xmas.. still have never been... The Tree.. The Carousel.. and that gold statue is something i really want to see..

    Ok.. have a great week and fun lead up to 2012!!! ciao xxx Julie

  4. i felt like i was right there in the big city with you. someday i will get there. the tree is amazing. i have been relaxing. it feels wonderful. i need to get back in the blogging mode. gearing up for 2012. have a happy new year stephanie. can't wait for tomorrow's photos.

  5. It brought back memories of seeing the tree!
    Can you believe it's the new year already
    I am excited for what it holds
    I have lots of ideas running through my little head-
    Looking forward to Saturday night being over though - and Sunday getting here- its going to be a crazy night at work - but this is my last holiday season spent at the restaurant I've decided that- my goal is to be done in November 2012- praying my business is strong enough then- excited to hear about the Mark 3 are you going to sell your 7 d?

  6. Ah...these photos are so awesome, Steph! Made me feel like I was right there.

    I LOVED seeing your decorated house details in a previous post. Simply stunning!

    Wishing you all the best of everything in the upcoming new year, my dear friend. Peace and love to you! xo

  7. love them! would be fun to do a blogger meet up there! hugs, susan

  8. What amazing pictures!!! They really capture the festive spirit of the holiday season that is sooo much a part of NY during the month of December.

    Yes, we did a similar jaunt into the city for the day with our family! Lot's of fun....:)

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year!