Thursday, January 26

missing …


I know I shouldn’t rush the days away, but I miss this time of year.  I miss walking around with my camera capturing beautiful things.   I miss the water, the views, and the warmth.

And I miss how the last remaining farm in the area plants beautiful flowers in front of their crops and sells them in bunches at their farm stand.   Oh, how I miss that farm stand in the winter. 


And I definitely miss fresh seafood eaten by the water.  Everything tastes better by the water, doesn’t it?   I’m an island girl after all.  Long Island, that is. 


And I miss how if you drive just a little bit north, you get beautiful sunsets over the Long Island Sound. 

I hate to whine, really.  I know I’m lucky to live where I do.  But on rainy, chilly days like today, I miss summer days.   So I am really enjoying all the posts from those of you who live in warmer places, even if I am a bit jealous.  Keep ‘em coming ladies!  You’ve got to get me through the rest of this winter!



  1. I miss the warmer days by the water too, Stephanie. Beautiful images!!

  2. I miss the summer also and the fresh veggies.
    this winter hasn't been to bad but a lot of ice.

  3. I never thought I'd say this, but I do not miss the summer At All!! Probably because we get 70+ degree weather here in January, and to be honest it's just a painful reminder of how brutally hot the summer can be here! I'm not complaining either, but honestly i would love to see some snow right about now, I guess we all want what we don't/can't have!

  4. I am missing that too. Thanks for sharing you beautiful images.

  5. I am missing that too. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous images.

  6. Oh, those photos are killing me, Stephanie!
    I suppose you're right and we shouldn't wish time away, but I won't complain one little bit when summer gets here!

  7. Enjoy the winter because those of us who have none sometimes we wish we had that beautiful winter wonderland landscape... hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Beautiful images. I's like you don't want to rush life...but there are some things you wish would get here quicker!

  9. oh i miss the farm stand too! your photos are beautiful and that lobster roll, yum! keep warm my friend!! xo susan

  10. Well I miss the beginning of summer. By August it's too hot to go outside!

    Those photos are just gorgeous!

  11. I don't blame you for missing your summer! You wouldn't miss summer if you lived in Arizona where it's stinking hot! But, the flip side of that is the awesome climate this time of year. You should put yourself on a plane and come hang out with me! xo

  12. Oh these images are beautiful! How I would love to stop at a farm stand and pick up a bunch of zinnias. LI does have the best farm stands. It's funny...I'm here in sunny southern California where the temps are well into the 70's and wishing for a cold snowy day. I do miss those lobster rolls...I used to make them when I lived in CT and could get fresh lobster at Stew Leonard's. Do you have a Stew's?

  13. Such beautiful pictures. I also miss summer right now! Way north in Canada.