Monday, January 2

resolved …


Happy New Year, friends!   It’s that time of year when we’re either making resolutions, refusing to make resolutions, or thinking about how we did last year.  I think I did OK overall. Some things I accomplished, some I didn’t and some I did better than I had in the past, so that is just fine. 

Among the successes:  I did better in enjoying the moment, though this one is always a work in progress.  I simplified a few things at home, though not nearly enough.  Big plans for this year on that one!  I was pretty creative, though most of it involved baking and entertaining.   (don’t worry, no one complained about the fruits of those labors!)   I did my best to be a better wife and mom.  I did lots more volunteering.  I learned some new things – including French!  whoo!  This one was on the list for years.  I’ve been happy many more days than not.  I bought fresh flowers a lot more than in the past. 

Less than successful were picking up the paintbrush again – I didn’t, but I am determined to do it this year, finishing things around the house, and becoming a better gardener.  

This year, I am trying to keep things simple – I have one resolution: Be Healthy!  Physically, emotionally, and in every aspect of my life and relationships.  I want a clean, simple balance to my life, and this year, I am really going to work on that. 

How about you – any resolutions this year?

All the best in 2012




    My goodness, these FLOWERS with the "BLUE" background....this got my attention!

    May you enjoy a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR and thank you so much for visiting! Anita

  2. Stephanie,
    It sounds like you've made some big strides in I'm sure 2012 will be even better!

    I didn't exactly make any resolutions, except that I want to be focused on the things that matter, stay physically active and live each day to its fullest.

    Here's to an amazing year ahead!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  3. I've picked up Kathy Freston's Quantum Wellness and hope to put some of her ideas to work this year! Happy 2012, Stephanie!

  4. I like your resolution! Me too! Have a blessed 2012, Friend!

  5. Nope, never make them. Just try to do the best I can! I always feel badly when I make them , then can't keep them.
    So one day at a time for me.
    Good luck with yours! French, I am impressed. Did you use Rosetta Stone?

  6. I'm working on the healthy thing too ;-) Happy New Year Stephanie

  7. All the best for a wonderful new year and many days with paintbrush in hand.

  8. The colors are absolutely divine. Such a gorgeous photo! Happy New Year to you!

  9. Hi, Stephanie. Visiting from Stroll Thru Life=and glad I am. Am your newest follower; love your photos and the choices you made on what to photograph. Happy new year to you. I invite you to visit/follow me as well if you like what you see. :)

  10. Beautiful photo!!!! Amazing.
    I like your perspective in this post. I didn't really think about what I did well last year, I've only really thought about things I want to improve, so thanks for the reminder to look back at my progress and be grateful for what I did accomplish.

  11. that sounds like a great way to live the new year. it's all about growth and sometimes growth is in little bitty steps. you have made my life happy and that is a good thing. blessings to you!!

  12. Happy New Year Stephanie, no, I never make resolutions. Balance, that's the key word and you have used it in this post.

    I bought some of those flowers a few days ago but they don't look half as nice as the ones in your photo!

  13. such a beautiful post my dear... this will be an amazing year!!!

  14. I've been wanting to learn French for years. I had a program I tried a few years ago but it was just too weird. We still joke about it. It taught you how to say "you look like a monster" in French and other odd things. I wish I could remember what it was. We were actually talking about it today!

    Anyway, your photo is just stunning and Happy New Year!

  15. No resolutions just keeping it simple too and learning as much as I can - it's going to be a year full of changes for us in good ways and I'm excited about what the future holds -

  16. Hi Stephanie
    HAPPY NEW YEAR... well love this shot and love your NYC shots.. How crazy is that last one!! can only assume it was camera movement!! fabulous

    Well I think the healthy resolution is a good one.. I don't make resolutions but try to focus intention instead for things to improve.. and day dreaming for things to achieve.. it did work somewhat last year... 20kgs lighter and a trip to europe

    Ok.. Have a great start to the year.. Looking forward to another year of blogging with you and our buddies.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

  17. Oh no
    wrote a big long comment re New Year.. your lovely shots in this and last post and stuff in general and blogger lost it!! What a surprise

    Perhaps BLOGGER could have a new year's resolution. 'I will allow people to comment on blogs' and 'I will not eat the ones they do create'.

    Ok.. sorry about that.. hahaha.. too much!!

    Have a lovely start to the year.. All the best to you and family and wonder if previous comment will turn up.. ciao ciao xxx Julie