Wednesday, January 11

we have a winner …

Or two.   Let me explain.  I filled the bowl up. 002 Just like that.  Then I mixed it really well.  Covered my youngest’s eyes and had her pick.   And I was thrilled to see who won.  


Yay!  Denise has been a regular reader for some time, has a terrific blog of her own over at Den's Daily Life, is a real sweetheart, and has been under the weather lately.  So I was really happy she won.  Congratulations Denise! 

But then I started thinking of all the lovely new people who have joined this page and stopped by with a sweet comment.   And I wanted one of you to win too. Okay, so I said I was doing one giveaway.  But then I thought no one would really mind a second chance to win.   So I put everyone’s name back in the bowl, and then added in all of my followers for a new winner.   And I was really happy to see who won that one too.


Yay! part deux!   Annie is new here, and has her own terrific blog over at Lovely Things.    Plus I love the name Annie.  So I was very happy to see that a new follower won too.  Congratulations Annie!

I urge you all to stop by these lovely ladies’ blogs and say “congrats!” or even just “hi!”.  You’ll be glad you visited their blogs.   Congratulations Denise and Annie.  Ladies, please let me know what book you choose and I will e-mail you to get the address to send it to. 

And stay tuned, because I  have another giveaway in mind that I hope to do soon. 




  1. So nice!!! Glad to see how many followers you have looking forward to the next giveaway!

  2. how fun! denise won a giveaway of mine awhile back! have a great day!! suz

  3. Double the fun!!! Congrats to both your winners!

    xo Elizabeth

  4. Ooooh how exciting! Thank you so much Srephanie, and for the lovely kind words. I love your blog, wish I had your talent at photographing!
    I'll email you my info, I'd love the perfectly imperfect house book, I have the PW one and love that too :-)

  5. Stephanie,
    WOW! I can't believe I won...thank you so much! That's extremely generous of you...even one winner is generous, but two...You just made my day! I would be happy with any of your choices, but since I have a few of them and since you asked...I would absolutely LOVE The Perfectly Imperfect Home...
    Thank you!

  6. Congrats to the winners, Stephanie! You are so sweet. I don't think you saw what I wrote about you?

  7. You do doubt made two people very happy with these wins.

  8. Congrats to the winners! I'm off to check out their blogs. :o)