Monday, February 6

sunday brunch …

I never really do restaurant reviews here, but I’ve been swamped with work and meetings, (in other words, not much pretty stuff to photograph!)  and I thought I’d try something new.  Last weekend, we took the kiddos out for Sunday brunch.  We were planning an outing and wanted some fortification.  So we tried a new restaurant nearby in Glen Head, called The Fishery.  It’s a seafood restaurant with a nautical bent.  It took over the location from a tiki bar/crab shack that had been there for years and the transformation was definitely a big one.  I loved the nautical flags that lined the walls. 


Our meal started with warm bread served with a roasted head of garlic and olive oil.  No pictures as the kiddos dived in immediately.   I did manage to get a shot of the calamari served with two dipping sauces before it was gone, but not before they had cleared some out.  I’m going to have to get faster on that trigger finger.


The kids had chocolate chip pancakes served with mounds of strawberries and home fries that were crisp and delicious.  The hubs had steak and egg sliders – a really cute idea for brunch at home, I think, although I’ve never even tried steak and eggs.  Toasted rolls with steak, eggs, cheese and creamed spinach.  Served with more of those yummy potatoes.   Aren’t the lobster claw toothpicks cute? 


But mine was definitely the best.  My photos from last week had me missing my lobster rolls.   The hot lobster roll was a terrific choice for winter, and one I had never tried before.  A toasted bun with fresh warm lobster meat topped with drawn butter.  A definite calorie buster, but so  good!   The coleslaw was fresh and homemade and really delicious, but the fries were only so-so.  I would definitely ask for a salad instead next time. 



Excellent service, and great food make for such a pleasant experience don’t they?  We’ll definitely be going back. 



  1. That would have been a place I would have enjoyed as well. Food looks heavenly. On my Blue Monday, that street scene was in Denver, Col.last year.

  2. How cute is the nautical decor and the flags are perfect - not to mention the delicious looking food!!

  3. It all looks absolutely wonderful Stephanie.

    I came by to thank you for the award. I will try to get it posted soon. We are on a medical adventure/journey at the moment.

    J has atrial fibrillation (25 years) and a few other "little things" going on. On our way home from the lake Saturday, we stopped in Jefferson City (our state capitol), for lunch. Before our food arrived, J passed out. An ambulance was called and he was brought here to the hospital where I am, at the moment. The doctors here and Jim's cardiologists in St Louis, conferred Saturday evening and decided a transfer to St Louis might be risky. This morning, he is having a stress test. I keep thinking he may get a pacemaker after this little glitch. We had Molly and the truck. Our daughter and son in law came over Saturday evening (about a 2 hour drive). Son in law took the truck and Molly back to their house. Daughter stayed with me Saturday night. I rented a car yesterday as she needed to return home. I am situated in a hotel just around the corner from the hospital. I am familiar with Jeff City and can find my way around fairly well.

    Just wanted to let you know about the hitch in this particular getalong and than you for the award.

  4. This looks good. And I'm close enough to try it out!

    - The Tablescaper

  5. i love the decor! and that lobster roll! i've never had one, can you believe it? thanks for sharing my friend. have a nice week!! xo susan

  6. Looks like we're going to have make a trip for a visit! Love the nautical decor and scrumptious photos of food. I'm ready for dinner!

  7. Gosh it ALL looks delicious, I think I'd have to opt for the lobster roll though, YUM :)

  8. Stephanie, that lobster roll is calling me! I don't get in there that much but I will pass the info on to ds who is in GC.

  9. Delicious! I am totally in love with those fish plates and would love to buy some. Do they sell the plates or do you know who makes them?

    1. I don't know but I will ask for you when we go back.

  10. Everything looks so delicious! Good job getting those photos before everything was all gone. I have a hard time remembering to take the photos when the food arrives. It's too tempting to start eating right away!

  11. everything looks so good. wish i lived closer. your images are gorgeous...they should love your critique.

  12. This looks like a wonderful place...I think I would have ordered what you ordered...those lobster rolls...mmmm.

  13. Stephanie, it all looks like, if only a little unfamiliar! Still, I love brunches with the kids. It's a time to relax and enjoy each other's company without the chores ;)

  14. Ok you had me at the chocolate chip pancakes!
    My favorite!,
    Hope your well

  15. Everything looks and sounds delicious! I think I would order exactly what you ordered. And, I love the nautical flags. Sounds like you all had a great brunch.

  16. Yummy!!! Love the idea of the steak and egg sliders. This post made me hungry...need to take a break from blog reading and go have some breakfast.

  17. I just started following your blog through another that I read. I really enjoy your posts. I am on Long Island as well. Funny that you posted about The Fishery. I live within walking distance of the other Fishery (the original) and was there last week and enjoyed lobster rolls with my husband! He was an old employee of the original restaurant that stood across the street from the present- day Fishery.