Friday, February 17

this and that …

It’s so hard to believe it’s been a week since I posted!  Computer woes and a super busy week have kept me from the old blog.   Thank goodness for tech savvy nephews who get their aunt going again!  So besides work and Valentine’s Day, here’s what’s been going on.


I made some super easy cupcakes for a friend who needed a pick me up.   The ice cream swirl takes just a minute to do and looks so sweet on top.   Of course I saved some for my kiddos.

And then I made these super cute party favors as a trial run for the teacher appreciation lunch.  I saw these in a store and copied them.   I think for the final round, I will vary them a bit and use the theme colors for the party.  A drop of icing will hold the gumball in place.


Want to see how I did it? Cupcake wrappers and double stick tape on matching cardstock.  Filled with a little ketchup holder for stability.  And then just take the candy – any small candy or gum will work as long as you make the top rounded like a cupcake -  and twist it in clear wrap, taping off the bottom to keep it secure.  Then just top it all off with a gumball.


I think these can easily be adapted for any occasion – jelly beans for Easter, little hearts for Valentines.  Easy and cute are right up my alley!  Let me know if you give them a try or if you need any help. 

Enjoy the weekend!




  1. Adorable! How do you get the candy to stay rounded? I think they would be cute for Easter with jelly beans like you said!

    Have a good weekend, today was gorgeous!

  2. Hi Steph! CUTE CUTE CUTE party favor! Thanks for the inspiration. I "pinned" it so I can remember it later. And your cupcakes look yummy - as usual!

    Have yourself an amazing weekend!!! xo

  3. Cute cakes:-) I thouht that second one was actually a cake with little candies on the top!
    Have a great weekend

  4. I actually said out loud, oh to cute! I can picture them with jelly beans for Easter too. I know you friend appreciated your cupcakes with the ice cream swirl too.

  5. well how cute are those? i wish i had one of your cupcakes right now. they look like the perfect way to start the day.

  6. The party favor is such a cute idea Stephanie!

    As always your photos are topnotch.

    I would love to have one of those cupcakes right about now!

    Thanks so much for your visits during our little medical dilemma. Looks like J is well on the road to recovery.

  7. how cute are those? we just did a teacher luncheon i have one more to go! hope you are well. kids are home so they are keeping me busy! suz

  8. Your cupcakes look beautiful...and the adorable favors! Your photos are really amazing!

  9. Love these
    You are so talented !
    Now you've got me craving something sweet!