Monday, June 18


I hope you all had a happy Father’s Day.  Over here, we had all the family over to celebrate the day and my little one’s birthday.   We had delicious stuffed burgers, strawberry salad, 7 layer salad, fresh corn, and lots of yummy stuff.  And of course, there was lots of baking.  I got up early enough on Sunday to turn out homemade cornbread and a strawberry tart in a dark chocolate crust.  But the main attraction all this week has been cake.  Vanilla cake with sprinkles – lots of sprinkles – and a purple surprise inside.  001


  White cake with berries and almonds.  Which would have been cuter if I could find smaller berries.  But at least these were sweet as could be.


And Orange Creamsicle cake.

109 Yum!    All three were a big hit.  And now, I’m off to make Oreo cupcakes for my daughter’s friends.   I may just start saying “preheat to 350” and “cream the butter and sugar” in my sleep!  Hope you have a great week!




  1. You are a wonder, Stephanie! I tried my hand at a fresh apricot and berry tart and it came out pretty well (for a non-baker like me!) Your cakes look so delicious.

  2. oh man girl. you are making me crave sweets right now. yum!!!

  3. All three of those look gorgeous, but I'm particularly fond of the sprinkle cake...think some would last in the mail to Arizona? ;)

  4. wow that is some good looking food!!!!

  5. wow, you're something! those look beautiful, your family must love when you bring dessert :) hope all is well. things are good here just busy. have a wonderful rest of the week, thanks for visiting. you always make me smile! xo suz

  6. Hi Stephanie!
    What wonderful baked treats! They look amazing! Now we are all baking in this heat. Even here ay the beach it is very warm!
    Have a great weekend. Baby no. 5 due any day now!

  7. Ok you have me craving some sugar right now really bad
    Those look so yummy
    Oh how I would love to be your neighbor!

  8. OMG these cakes are fit to all be in a recipe book, Stephanie! HI THERE GIRL! HOW ARE YA??????

    It looks as if you are enjoying a beautiful summer. SO AM I. Each day is a PERFECT DAY SO FAR, with projects to do, gardens to enjoy, walks to take, art to make.

    Have a great JUNE! Anita