Tuesday, June 26

crate and barrel

I have to admit, I love Crate & Barrel.  I went there this weekend looking for a beverage stand for the big dispenser that I bought from there years ago.  They were out of stock, but I did manage to find some other great stuff.

First up, I bought two of these blue beverage jugs.  They were on sale for just $9.95, and each one holds two quarts.  There will definitely be some lemonade on the menu soon. 


Then this one quart green one.  004

And some of my favorite olive oil, by Terra Medi.  It’s Greek Olive oil from an Australian company.  Go figure.  But it is delicious on salad. 


I expect this four-cup measuring cup will be a big help in cooking and baking.005

And I’ve wanted a restaurant style pitcher for a while.  This one has an ice guard.  Love it.  You can see me and my yellow room in the reflection. 


This is meant to keep tortillas warm, but I can think of a half dozen uses right off the top of my head. 


Some glass food storage containers.

Jumbo sprinkles for extra fun cupcakes.


And last but not least these two milk bottles.  How cute are these?


Now all I need is an Anthro visit and my retail therapy will be complete.  Have you made any great finds lately? Have a great week!




  1. Your summer shopping looks almost complete Stephanie...........retail therapy it is. XO

  2. Need to join you on a shopping spree and definitely need a four-cup measuring cup! Love your C & B finds.

  3. You have accumulated many neat things.

  4. You've got me iching for a trip to the big box!!! So many things that I really "need"...like those giant sprinkles. Adorable!!

    Hope your day is great!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  5. Great finds Stephanie...I miss Crate and Barrel...and The Pottery Barn. Is that still around? I think you have done very well.
    My finds have been of the vintage kind...now I just have to figure out where to store it all!
    Jeanne xx

  6. I wait for the sales on line, you know me. Love the tortilla warmer, pretty!
    Did you go to the big sale at Peter Andrews?

  7. great purchases!!! love the reflection. i always notice that. i haven't been to crate and barrel. i made need a trip when i get back from the cabin.

  8. Wow, that's quite a haul. I'm a sucker for bottles and I love the ones you picked up! ~sigh~ I want to go shopping now...

  9. There's nothing more relaxing than a little retail therapy!

  10. Woman after my own heart. Love Crate and Barrel, Anthropologie and I just discovered Sur La Table.

    Great selection to feature and fun to browse.