Friday, July 27

wake up call …

This is what we woke up to yesterday.  

IMG_0948 IMG_0950

It wasn’t windy, or rainy.  The tree just gave up.  These trees are beautiful, with big white flowers.  But they are a hybrid tree, and very weak.   And while it looks a mess, I’m grateful.   Just a short while later, and my little girl would have been right there waiting for the bus.  So, yes, I’m thankful.  

We have our power back, and cable, and we should have telephone back today.  The tree crews just came and cut the rest of the tree away, and my house looks naked without it.   We will definitely be planting another tree in it’s place but in the meantime, we will miss the shade, and the privacy it gave us.

In the meantime, I’m feeling a bit better, but I have a little way to go before I am back to 100%.    I’ll be posting again in a few days. 

Have a great weekend. 




  1. i am so glad that your daughter wasn't outside yet. it's so sad when we lose beautiful old trees.

  2. Oh my goodness! Thank God you and your family are alright and your house wasn't damaged! It is discouraging to lose big trees. We've lost several big pines in the last couple of years.:( Feel better and have a great weekend!

  3. Thank goodness she wasn't there! Get better soon. Xo suz